Racism and Bigotry in the Philippine Media Should be Legally Eradicated

Why legally? There should be a law against racism created by the Congress or the Senate.

Racism in the Philippine media has been going on unchecked for many years. In turn it became accepted as norm in the society, not knowing that those who are recipient of racial slurs curl in embarrassment and hide because their self-esteem has been bruised.

The following examples should be eradicated in the Philippine media:

1. Bigot articles such as Malu Fernandez’s have caused raucous in the Philippine internet forums and discussion avenues. Though some may admire Malu for her “honesty” and fat arrogance, but it did hurt a lot of people especially those who are OFWs. I have a brother who works as a seaman overseas.

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Probably, Malu is insensitive, naïve or unknowingly jealous. A number of our overseas workers are earning more than her.

2. Bisayan, Muslim or any Provincial accent spoken in overly mocking way by a non speaker in the movies or television should now be stopped. Because of this it has been accepted as normal in the society.

In other countries making fun at other nationalities’ accent is considered a racist act.

Tagalogs also have their own pronunciation or accent blunders and they should be aware of that fact. Plawer for them is either flower or plower.

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3. African or any people with dark skins are constantly the subject of racial discrimination and racialist jokes by Filipinos. You can see or hear them in the movies, or just about anywhere. It has been considered normal. This is simply racism.

Ironic is when a foreigner hurls a racial slur on the brown Filipinos, the latter whine and feel victimized.

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