The Truth and Rumor about the Marcoses

marcos family

These are rumors that I heard as a kid during the 1980s about the first family of former president Ferdinand Marcos, that me and majority of the Filipinos during the time partly respect and fully hate.

I researched some of these rumors to verify if it’s true because they’re still making me curious after all these years.

1. Imeldific had a “kabit” in George Hamilton
Rumor: Imelda Marcos and George Hamilton were lovers.
Truth: They’re just friends, or as Hamilton said, “platonic friends”.

Usually, having a platonic relationship means both are physically attracted to each other, but no sexual contact is involved.

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Hamilton had the audacity to reveal the sexual relationship with his stepmother which could ruin his reputation. So I think he was telling the truth about his platonic relationship with Imelda which I think wouldn’t put his reputation on the line if he admits, it will only bolster his playboy image.


2. Ferdinand Marcos was a decorated soldier who fought in World War II.
Rumor: Macoy had 27 war medals.
Truth: He was never a war hero.

The US Armed Forces never recognized his claim that he led a guerilla group named Ang Mga Maharlika against the Japanese. The US Military even used the words ”no such unit ever existed”, “fraudulent” and “absurd” to describe it.

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Source: New York Times

3. The real Bong Bong Marcos is dead
Rumor: The present Bong Bong is a hired look-alike to cover up the death of the real BB.
Truth 1: He is truly the real Ferdinand Marcos Jr. or Bong Bong. Same line of speech – lies like his father was. BB reiterates that his father was a war hero, his father never was. I’m saying that not to belittle him, I said it based on my own research and observation.

Truth 2: The real Bong Bong is dead. The Bong Bong you see now doesn’t have the intelligence and photographic memory of his father, the former president Marcos.

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Bong Bong reads his speech unlike Marcos Sr. who can recall an hour of speech without reading it. Also, BB failed a quiz when he guested at ANC, only got 7 out of 16, while other candidates Trillanes scored 14 out of 20, and Robredo got 14 out of 18 questions.

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