To Much Political Correctness Quote

“Too much political correctness could lead to critical blindness” – Gwapito It’s good to be politically correct, but too much of it can make one downright idiotic and ignorant. An example is, if a Black man kills a white man, […]

Losers Love to Blame

Buy this photo at iStockphoto. Losers in a literal game or in life, loves to blame just about anyone, the referee, the circumstances, God, neighbor, friend, enemy, economy, the government, the dog. Some maybe attributed to some mentioned elements above. […]

Greed is Everywhere

Greed is found in both the rich and poor. The rich are always unfairly pictured as the model of greed, and the poor as victims. But always remember there are two types of people in this world – the evil […]

Be Proud of Your Lesser Known School

Your school may not always get the media exposure unlike the supposedly Top 4 universities in the Philippines. You always see these universities on television, they are on UAAP. When their top students wins something in an academic contests, newspapers […]

You are Insecure If…

You are an insecure or a person lacking in confidence if: 1. You always compare yourself to rich people, and feel you are the poorest of the poor as a result. 2. You see famous celebrities as gods, and you […]

Diversity Copied Philippine All Stars?

Diversity, the winner of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent. I was impressed by their dancing prowess, but when i saw their act in the finals, i saw something similar steps and moves from another winning dance group called Philippine All […]

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