Next In Line to Growing Old

I just turned 34 today, August 16.

Many things have changed. Some things have delayed changes, like my good looks.

When i was a teenager, Afterimage’s song Next In Line used to be one of my favorites because it has a good tune. Lame and immature reason, hey i was young and naive then. When i turned 32 two years ago, i heard that song again and the lyrics just out of the blue dawned on me. I could relate to it now. It felt like the singer was talking about me, or about us who are next in line to getting old. Hahaha.

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It is indeed an “endless cycle”. I used to ridicule old people, though i no longer do it now. I read in the Bible to respect old people. Although the inevitable will happen, i will be “next in line” to be ridiculed by the younger scums. Hahaha.

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