Next In Line to Growing Old

I just turned 34 today, August 16.

Many things have changed. Some things have delayed changes, like my good looks.

When i was a teenager, Afterimage’s song Next In Line used to be one of my favorites because it has a good tune. Lame and immature reason, hey i was young and naive then. When i turned 32 two years ago, i heard that song again and the lyrics just out of the blue dawned on me. I could relate to it now. It felt like the singer was talking about me, or about us who are next in line to getting old. Hahaha.

It is indeed an “endless cycle”. I used to ridicule old people, though i no longer do it now. I read in the Bible to respect old people. Although the inevitable will happen, i will be “next in line” to be ridiculed by the younger scums. Hahaha.


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