Diversity Copied Philippine All Stars?

Diversity, the winner of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent. I was impressed by their dancing prowess, but when i saw their act in the finals, i saw something similar steps and moves from another winning dance group called Philippine All […]

Injustice in America

I often heard a lot of Filipinos talking bad things about the Philippines, while giving a lot praises for America. These Filipinos always compare Philippines and America. One area that these Filipinos like to talk about is the notorious justice […]

Why I won’t buy a Nissan Motor?

Okay, I’m not exactly a car expert, and I won’t buy a Nissan not because of technical, mechanical, electrical, aesthetical, or whatever “cal” reasons. I don’t like Nissan because they’re a corporate bully! Yes, Nissan Motor is a corporate bully! […]

You Are Self-Righteous

I am guilty. I am self-righteous. I figuratively pointed a finger on the girl who hurt me, “You good for nothing whore!”. I was the victim, and she the unforgivable sinner, or so i thought. I hurt my past girlfriends […]

Why I Want To Grow Richer

In this life I don’t have to beat around the bush especially in pursuit of earning an income. Not just any mere income, but in considerable, extensive, huge, vast, enormous amount and so on. Being rich has more perks than […]

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