I Love You Arnold Clavio!

Despite Arnold Clavio’s racist comments towards the Azkals, I still respect and love this guy, or should I say, I’m trying hard what I always did before the incident happened on national television. This was his comments in a segment […]

Johnny Lee Clary

I found a video of Johnny Lee Clary in Youtube. I was attracted by the the title “Former Ku Klux Klan,” so i clicked it. Man i was so blessed with what i saw. Johnny Lee Clary is a former […]

Africans, the Most Hated Race of All

The African race is perhaps the most hated race of all. Bigot jokes, blatant discrimination, racial prejudice, the monkey chant, the banana toss and all terrible words or acts a hater could imagine are thrown at them. You could witness […]

How Should an Asian React to Racism

Wherever we roam around, in the streets of the United States, Europe, on the radio, music, television, the internet especially in the chatrooms, in Youtube. You could hear, see and read racist remarks hurled against Asians. But they are not […]

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