Miss California vesus Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton was mad as hell against Miss California for her opinions regarding same sex marriage. Perez Hilton is probably the most popular showbiz blogger, who labeled himself as the “queen of all media.” Carrie Prejean, the Miss USA candidate […]

Thanks to you Blogsters!

A big thank you to the following blogsters who tagged me on their weblogs. Benj – www.atheista.net Tess Termulo – www.tesstermulo.com EmpressMaruja – http://empressmaruja.wordpress.com Aries the Warrior Princess – ariesthewarriorprincess.blogspot.com iLookTiny – http://ilooktiny.i.ph HariSkwatir – http://hariskwatir.luv.ph Ratified.org PinoyBlurker Bingskee – […]

Next In Line to Growing Old

I just turned 34 today, August 16. Many things have changed. Some things have delayed changes, like my good looks. When i was a teenager, Afterimage’s song Next In Line used to be one of my favorites because it has […]

Funny Snickers Ad

This ad has been pulled out by Masterfoods inc, the maker of Snickers chololate bar. Gays and Lesbian group in the US were offended by its message. According to a gay group leader that “That Snickers, Mars and the NFL […]

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