Miss California vesus Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton was mad as hell against Miss California for her opinions regarding same sex marriage. Perez Hilton is probably the most popular showbiz blogger, who labeled himself as the “queen of all media.”

Carrie Prejean, the Miss USA candidate was actually hoping that she would not be asked about “gay marriage” issues. But it was like everyone and everything around her was conniving and the question she was trying to avoid was asked by Perez.

In Perez’s blog, she called Prejean as “dumb bitch” and “half a brain” and even said “would have stormed onto the stage and ripped off her tiara if she had won.”

She gave out her opinion, and that’s about it. But not to Perez Hilton.

Perez’s recent entries on his blog were almost about the issue. Either he is really mad or just trying to stir up further controversy to gather more visits to his blog.

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More Important Things than Complaining

I have come to realized that complaining to a “racial” slur is worth nothing.

We sometimes respond in hate to a hate. We blame the government for all the social problems, accuse them of corruption. Religious debate here and there. Upset because our salaries are too little.

All of these are just trivial. There are more important things in life.

My selfishness disappears every time i watch this video.

Nescafe Coffee Filled with Shredded Cockroach

Let me waste 2:35 minutes of your time, watch the video below taken using a cam phone.

Somebody bought a coffee from the Nescafe vending machine in our office cafeteria. He noticed something unusual about the sweet smelling Nescafe coffee. There were dark spots, and he took a closer look. He saw that looked like an arm or a leg of a cockroach! The cockroach was shredded into pieces.

Thanks to you Blogsters!

A big thank you to the following blogsters who tagged me on their weblogs.

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God bless you all. I believe in blessings!

Next In Line to Growing Old

I just turned 34 today, August 16.

Many things have changed. Some things have delayed changes, like my good looks.

When i was a teenager, Afterimage’s song Next In Line used to be one of my favorites because it has a good tune. Lame and immature reason, hey i was young and naive then. When i turned 32 two years ago, i heard that song again and the lyrics just out of the blue dawned on me. I could relate to it now. It felt like the singer was talking about me, or about us who are next in line to getting old. Hahaha.

It is indeed an “endless cycle”. I used to ridicule old people, though i no longer do it now. I read in the Bible to respect old people. Although the inevitable will happen, i will be “next in line” to be ridiculed by the younger scums. Hahaha.

Signs if a Person is Jealous of Other Peoples’ Achievement

Usually the objects of jealousy are famous, rich, achiever and good-looking. While those who are envious or jealous are typically the opposite: not famous, not so rich, and not so good-looking. More often than not, the latter has limited knowledge of those they are in envy of.

David Beckham. Currently, he is the talk of the town in the USA. Despite the fact that a lot of people are admiring his looks, his achievements there are still those who don’t.

Have you mercilessly tossed hate comments about David Beckham? I read remarks like he is the Anna Kournikova of football, all looks and no achievement; he is just famous because his wife is. Many want him to fail and all.

If you do one of the things above, then you’re plain jealous or envious!

David Beckham is not all looks, and no attainment at all. He was a member of two previous champion football clubs. He was practically a starter in all of those games. He is the captain of England Football Team for seven years, a rare feat for a football player. He will most likely lead his LA Galaxy to championship.

Kobe Bryant. The same also with Kobe Bryant haters. Just plain jealous of him. Kobe has good-looks, money; achievement and popularity while his haters, oh well.

Paris Hilton. Although I don’t like her because she is not a good role model to younger kids especially girls. She is also one of the most hated, envied upon famous celebrity. Did I say she’s famous, beautiful, and rich? However, I don’t think she has achieved something positive though.

Younger achievers. You feel uncomfortable, you don’t feel like submitting or you refuse to be taught when a younger, but intellectually gifted or athletically talented is around to teach you something.

If you experience the above, then you’re jealous and mixed a bit with insecurity and pride.

I still do get envious, and do the things I mentioned above when not aware of what I am doing.

Funny Snickers Ad

This ad has been pulled out by Masterfoods inc, the maker of Snickers chololate bar. Gays and Lesbian group in the US were offended by its message.

According to a gay group leader that “That Snickers, Mars and the NFL would promote and endorse this kind of prejudice is simply inexcusable.”

The two guys in the ad did not even “kissed” , their lips just accidentally touched, but even barely. Some people just want to make an issue on trivial things.