Sexual Harassment

I love talking about truths, especially the truth about ourselves that we have little or no idea that we have it or do it.

This time it’s about women, again. The subject is about sexual harassment. I believe this is somewhat related to rape.

Sexual harassment only happens when:
1. The “perpetrator” is old and ugly. The latter description has more weight. If you’re ugly don’t ever get close maliciously or innocently to a woman. It’s dangerous. Keep away from women just to be safe.

2. The “perpetrator” doesn’t have money. Money can be a big factor when some of the women would drool over a guy. You get respected or women would lust after you just because you have money. Erap could have been charged with sexual harassment. Thankfully he has lots of money.

3. The “perpetrator” does his thing on women publicly. Regardless of your handsome appearance or financial status, women would take you to court! Women don’t want to be embarrassed in front of people when a man lustfully gets closed with the former.

4. When the “perpetrator” is too fast. Don’t ever get to closed to a girl when you just met her. She don’t want to be labeled as an easygirl.

Whether the sexual harassment (or rape) actually happens or not, a man’s reputation will be at stake!

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