Gwapito.com is a personal blog maintained by an opinionated cute guy.

Little info about me:

  • First of all, I am proud to say that I am a born-again Christian, though I am not perfect, but I resiliently strive to be.
  • Webdesigner and Graphic Designer by profession, but academically trained and licensed architect. I used to work in the architectural field, but I just got bored. At the age of 27 in 2000, I bought a book on HTML, and from there everything is history.
  • I read the Bible practically everyday, and my other favorite books are Lord of the Rings series, Purpose Driven Life, Exceedingly Growing Faith by Kenneth Hagin, and Power of Your Words by E.W. Kenyon.
  • Still not attached to any woman at the time of this writing.
  • I make every effort to improve my English. I have this dream of writing a book, at least one before I vanish from this earth.
  • I am a graduate of BS Architecture in University of San Carlos (the first college in the Philippines), but currently eating my food out of my earning as a webdesigner.

History of this Site
Gwapito.com has been online since August 6, 2002. It all started when I, the founder joined a logo design contest for a Philippine-based webhosting site DreamcodeDesign. Although my entry wasn’t chosen as the winner, but the owner of Dreamcode still gave me a webhosting package and free for life. The only amount that I had to shell out was for the domain name. It was one of the happiest moments of my online life. And I’ve been continually addicted to the internet since then. Thanks to Gary Molina of DC!

What is Gwapito and Why?
Guapito is derived from the Spanish word “guapo” which means handsome. Guapito is like “cute” in the english equivalent.

Since Guapito was already taken before i got it, so i opted for Gwapito instead.

First of all God – thank you for making the dreams come true. You are awesome!

Thanks to Gary and Dreamcodedesign.com for making themselves available in fulfilling a man’s modest dream!


  1. You are a trained, licensed, and experienced architect, and a born-again Christian.

    I am an old-timer Christian and attend church worship faithfully as also fellowship meeting during the week.

    So, I think you can help me to be a resource person in bill of materials for the restoration of two homes destroyed by typhoon Ondoy on Sept. 26, 2009.

    The insurance company is giving me a very very low payment for loss indemnity.

    But if I could convince them that from an architect the bill of materials alone goes beyond that measly amount, then they might see light and act according to truth and justice.

    Please contact me, or I will contact you again.

    And I am happy for you that life is going on well with you in your livelihood and enjoyable lifestyle, for being a Christian.

    Arnaldo Blondel

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