You Stole My Heart Away

Now, it’s time for me to emote. I just love this song. A friend originally posted this on her Facebook wall. I dedicate this song to the women I’ve loved, but never loved me; to the women I’ve loved, but […]

Mr. Right is A Diamond

Photo credits to Craft*ology Looking for the right man is like searching for a shiny fist-sized diamond in Africa. I just read a blog a few minutes ago written by a woman who was apparently have not moved on from […]

Did I Upset Her?

I did something that upset her. Then double that in the next 24 hours, then triple it the next minute. I was insensitive, but i honestly did it to have fun with her. It was an honest silliness to make […]

Love Tips for Men

To celebrate today’s valentine’s day, i’m giving out a few love advices for men for free. These tips of mine are guaranteed more than 50% effectivity rate :D. I’ve used it many times over and has been successful for the […]

That Elusive Woman

It has been twelve years since I’ve had my last official girlfriend. I’ve dated several women in that span of time, but they were all just dates, no relationship, no commitment, and no intimate connection whatsoever. I just don’t get […]

Love, The Root of All Excellence

Nearly everyone of us have all been wondering why some of the things that we do just don’t make an impact. We work hard, but nobody seems to notice our efforts. An employee maybe earning a salary that is envied […]

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