Palestinian National Football Team players praised a Terrorist who killed 2 innocent Israelis

Despicable and wrong way of supporting a man who killed two Israelis.

A football club in Palestine praised a man who they consider as a martyr, who killed two innocent Israelis, one a civilian woman, and the other a police officer.


Hilal Al Quds Football Club allowed its players to pose with the poster of the killer, Mesbah Abu Sabih. Four of its players are members of Palestine National Football Team, who defeated the Philippine Azkals 1-0 on May 31, 2014 in the AFC Challenge Cup final game.

Will FIFA slap any punishment to these soccer players? I hope so. But the increasing political correctness around the world, it would be a long shot.

Lately, UNESCO did something so stupid, sorry for the lack of a better word. They basically, voted that the Temple Mount, the site which the last Jewish Temple was located is an “Islamic” site.

It received intense criticism from all over the world. So UNESCO, voted again, saying it is now a “Jewish, Christian and Islamic” site. But in their papers, it only mentions its Islamic name, “al-Haram al-Sharif”.

UNESCO, a United Nations branch dealing solely about education, science and culture. One of its work is to certify certain historic and significant sites or structures.

We are now approaching in dangerous times. The texts in Revelation in the New Testament Bible must be fulfilled.

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