Investing in the Stock Market

This was probably a life-long dream of entering into the stock market. Since I was a teenager, I’ve been wanting to be part of this. But was apprehensive because it looked too high for me. When I learned that any […]

I Cut My Own Hair

I’ve been cutting or shaving my own hair since August of 2000. I’ve had my first skinhead in the year I mentioned, skinhead means my head’s skin and the blade. In the Philippines, skinhead means still having a bit of […]


The Cure’s “39” song was written by its singer Robert Smith. The song is basically about a midlife emotional outburst. When Robert Smith turned 39 in 1998, he felt he has not accomplished anything. He wanted to change the world […]

Sucks, Zuck Just Got Married!

Photo by iStockphoto Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just got married this week, to his longtime girlfriend. And because of that, it left me pondering and thinking what will my next move be. Majority of my peers got married 10 to […]

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