obama socialism

Why Duterte Should Not Be Mad at Obama?

obama socialism

President Rodrigo Duterte is resentful towards the United States. This resentment is common amongst leftists, one could not called a leftist if he or she not against anything United States of America. Digong admitted that he is a leftist.

I myself is a former leftist. A few steps more and I could have joined a leftwing activist group during my teenage years, thank God that didn’t happen though. I was always mad at the U-S of A, everything coming from them. Even an innocent product with a tag “Made in USA” was my victim.

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Most Filipinos aren’t aware of the US politics, I follow it almost everyday. Their politicians are basically divided into leftist and rightwing group. Ours is kind of mixed-up, a 3rd world culture.

Leftwings prefer socialism and liberal laws (abortion & gay marriage) while rightwings lean towards capitalism and conservative laws.

Barrack Obama belongs to the Democratic party, and this party is the author of many liberal laws such as abortion and gay marriage, and did you know? They’re also the one that galized slavery more than a hundred years ago.

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Obama’s mother was also a leftist activist during her college years, while his Kenyan father, a Muslim was also anti-American, a common attitude among Muslims.

Obama is a socialism advocate, just like Duterte. Although the former doesn’t directly admit that he’s a socialist unlike his party-mate Bernie Sanders, but US President does speak about “wealth distribution” and “tax the rich” which are usually quoted by socialists and communists.

So instead of being constantly mad, Duterte should befriend Barrack Obama and learn a thing or two about leftwing lessons.

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Personally, I’m a rightwing. I voted for Duterte for drug war campaign and anti-corruption, but NOT his love for leftism, hero’s burial for Marcos and socialism.

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