The Good and Bad if the Philippines Stop Depending on the United States’ Aid

I’m a former leftist and I know the usual anger towards the United States. President Rodrigo Duterte is full of that anger. But usually this anger is full of ignorance, but I wont be talking about it, perhaps in another blogpost.

Duterte’s antics about reneging friendship with the US probably surprise everyone, both the pro and anti-Duterte, The United States, is a long-time ally, for more than a hundred years.

But in every issue or decision, there are both the advantages and disadvantages.

First, the advantages
if the Philippines stops depending on the US aid or protection
1. We can learn to rely on ourselves to be dependent. Many Filipinos has a mendicant mentality. I used to have this mindset.

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What is a mendicant mentality? It’s the mindset or act of being dependent for help and protection especially from the rich people. Beggars on the street turns to the “rich” foreigners if they see them in a crowd.

2. Duterte is teaching us self-reliance. When a person is self-reliant, he or she becomes creative and intelligent. Most millionaires have this mindset.

Now, the disadvantages
1. We become ungrateful. What is ungrateful? One who does not have a thankful heart, especially to the person who’s giving us help.

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2. We create enemies than friends. I’d rather have more friends than enemies. Digong may be teaching us self-reliance but at the cost of a friendship from a long-time ally who helped us rebuild after the World War 2.

What’s your take?

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