How to Increase one’s EQ?

Emotional qoutient or emotional intelligence was coined by Daniel Goleman. It is the ability to distinguish one’s and other people’s emotion and behavior, and then use this to control one’s emotion for personal development.

This is my method in improving my emotional intelligence, and I didn’t read any “how to’s” from others. Mine is organic in nature.

It started when I became interested in psychology back in college.

1. Read psychology books. Since behavior and emotional awareness became an interest when I got into one of my psychology subject in college, so I advice that you get interested in psychology too.

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2. Self honesty. When you observe other’s behavior and emotion whether good or not, please make an honest assesment about yourself. If you found a not so good emotion or behavior make an effort to change.

3. Read the Bible. The Bible is the best book mirror you could find. The Bible is not a religious book, it is a mirror. I became more aware of myself as keep reading it.

I hope this can help you increase your emotional intelligence.

You may also watch this short video of Harvard management professor Bill George talk about the Importance of EQ over IQ

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