MMA Versus Boxing

There has been a lot of talk about MMA versus boxing, and that the former would obviously win.

One evidence is when James Toney was easily overwhelmed by Randy Couture at 3:19 in the first round.

It was a mismatched. Toney was only training MMA for four months while Couture has been doing it for more than 10 years. The age factor is negligible, Toney is 42, while Couture is 47.

What about MMA fight it out using the boxing rule? No grappling and kicking.

I’m pretty sure boxing will win over mix martial arts.



Kaka, one of the famous athletes I admire both for his skills and his faith in God. I enjoy watching him showing off his undershirt with print “I belong to Jesus” every time he makes a goal. Although for the non-Christians it is a bane for them when Kaka does his thing. Just respect his beliefs.

I read somewhere that he was a virgin when he married his wife. He met his wife when she was 14.

Naozumi "Nao" Tsuchiyama

Thanks to Jobstreet.

Naozumi “Nao” Tsuchiyama has an amputated right leg, but now wears prosthetics. He is a language instructor, but what he really wanted to be is a boxer.

Boxers need a license to become eligible to fight, but was denied by his home country.

He went to the Philippines to apply, but was denied by the GAB. Though medical reports shows that he is fit to fight. His application was rejected twice, but Nao persisted and finally GAB relented and was given his license.

Presently, Nao has a 2 wins, 1 draw and no losses statistics.

I don’t how long he will do boxing, and hopefully will keep on winning. But his story motivated me to pursue my dreams for myself, for my family and for others.

Hopefully it will motivate you as well.