You Are Self-Righteous

I am guilty. I am self-righteous. I figuratively pointed a finger on the girl who hurt me, “You good for nothing whore!”. I was the victim, and she the unforgivable sinner, or so i thought.

I hurt my past girlfriends too.

The homosexuals accusing the Christians of being hypocrites. While some superficially pious and condemning Christians hurled words of doom on the homosexuals.

When a homosexual commits a crime rarely you would read or hear it in the news. But when a minister does one mistake, the whole accusing volcano erupts endlessly.

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Terrorists try to passionately fulfill their vengeance on the perpetrators who killed their comrades or biological brothers. What?!

Let us think before we lash out someone. Think, zip our lips. Lash out unless it’s really necessary.

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