1. i can agree to circumstances beyond control but mostly poor people remain poor because they dont do what must be done. i think God gave us our minds, our bodies, and our talents, to do something with them WISELY. it’s not even fair to blame others for their poverty. the trouble sometimes is, they think we have an obligation for them.

  2. On top of other reasons, is they don’t believe they can get out of poverty. They want to, but they just can’t imagine it when and how it is going to happen.

    No hardwork nor opportunities can help them unless they believe on themselves.

  3. @surftec, bingskee, Jazz

    I think the best first thing to do is help them to help themselves, change the way they think, but if they continue to be comfortable with doing nothing, then let them be.

  4. Sino pa nga bang dapat tumulong sa sarili nya, kundi siya diba?

    Nice pic. And the header, and the layout. Kainggit, masyadong nakakapaglaway!

    Blog-hop. ^^

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