Why Cebu Should Not Be the Capital of the Philippines

Metro Manila, the location of the seat of government of the Philippines “messed up” again.

The ongoing trouble in Mindanao was caused by the ill advised memorandum of agreement between Manila and the MILF rebels.

So Cebuanos, do not even think about making Cebu City the capital of the Philippines!


  1. Yeah, thanks Lance for agreeing with or else i would delete your post! Hahaha, just kidding.

    I approve all of my reader’s comments both negative and positive.

  2. Err… can Cebu even afford to Re-Locate the Philippine Capital?

    There is more than just moving the Malacanang to Cebu than you might think.

    In a Nation’s Capital the 3 Main Pillars of Goverment – Executive, Legislative and Judiciary should be located in the same City. So you’ll have to Re-Locate: Malacanang, The Senate and Congress, plus the Supreme Court. Just for Starters! Dont forget the Headquarters of various Agencies and Departments.

    A quick look at Metro Manila’s map and you’ll notice all of the Goverments Headquartes are scattered either in the City of Manila or in Quezon City. A quick look back in history would result that Pres. Manuel Quezon had a grand plan of making Quezon City the Philippine’s Capital. However his work wasnt finished and abandoned.

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