Officially 35 Years Old Today!

It’s just one of the days that went by.

Had dinner with my officemates. It was a triple celebration with two other officemates. It was good, since I could save money. In the Philippines, the celebrant have to flush out money to treat friends to dinner or party.

Family and friends texted me. It is so touching being noticed and remembered on my day.

Tough getting old. Do i have fear of getting old? Yes i do, i would be lying if i would say “I dont fear getting old”, had to admit that i have this negative feeling, it’s good for me. But then i have to trust God and his promises that he would take care of me. I know he will, I have experience his reality through the years.

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Yes, God is real. I don’t have time for debates anymore about God’s existence. He is real like my heartbeat.

One of the things i’d like to have is a woman that i would truly love, and she, love me in return.

An increased income. I could send more money to the province. I could donate to charities, in church. I could buy a Sony PSP. Or a cheap floor standing speakers.

A house or houses or car(s).

I don’t have any idea when i can have those. I know these things will come.

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  1. Hi Jeffrey, belated happy birthday. This came really late (better late than never, heheh) and we don’t really know each other but we here @ BTOP care for our social media clients, so we really hope you had a wonderful birthday… God bless.

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