From Admiration to Respect

This post might seem nothing to you. But i to have to let go of everything i feel or observed in life.

One of the things I discovered in human behavior is our look at a person from “admiration to respect.”

What I’m trying to say is when I look at a  young beautiful lady, I treat her with admiration or if I deviate to something naughty “I lusts for her.”

But when I see an older, but a still beautiful woman (maybe from 50 years old and above), I no longer admire her, nor lusts for her. I just “respect” her.

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It also the same of how I treat men, yes I do admire men’s looks, but I definitely won’t lusts for my own kind ;). Hahaha.

If you’re a psychologist, you might to consider doing a research about this type of behavior. Well, that’s what I observed about my own behavior.

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