Who is more evil in Black versus White in Zimbabwe?

On April 15, 2000 a white farmer was shot dead by black Zimbabweans. Those black Zimbabweans were just squatters of the white farmer’s land.

When I read the first two paragraphs of the news article, I was a bit mad. Those killers were just squatters of his land, and they killed him?!

But as I continued to read on, it became clearer. The blacks were demanding to return the land that were unfairly taken from them and given to the white settlers during the white rule.

Who is more evil? Honestly, not easy to answer. But I will try act accordingly to the Christian teachings I learned, as if I have learned something, hehe.

But if I was that white man who got killed, I would probably have given a portion of my land to the black Zimbabweans.

If I was one of the black Zimbabweans, I would appropriately ask a portion of that white man’s land, and if he would not give me any I would still not join in with the other blacks to kill the white farmer.

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  1. on the case you stated, i don’t think it’s about being evil, but i have to say that those who shoot other people are definitely on the wrong, regardless of their color. i’m not knowledgeable on zimbabwe’s history. pero wala naman kasalanan sa kanila yung farmer diba?

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