The Positive Benefits of Filipino Nationalism

There are always two sides of the coin. Two sides of the moon, the light and dark. In nationalism too, there are good and bad effects. I will write about the good ones first. The negative ones will be in the next few days or weeks.


1. It could develop our own national identity. No longer pretensions. No more wearing the masks of Spain or America.

2. It will be good for the local economy. When a Filipino loves the Philippines, he thinks what’s good for the Philippines. He may just remain in the Philippines to help out other Filipinos or go to the other countries to wok, but the Philippines still in his mind and heart.

3. National unity. It may not be perfect, but overall there will be unity. Even the rich countries still has some kinks to iron out.

4. Less regionalism. When there is unity, other regions would think wholly. Lesser discrimination on other ethnicities.


  1. I’m a Filipino and I’m proud being one. What I do is, I never fail to mention on my site my Nationality.. and when clients respect my work.. I feel good when they also know, Pinoy toh! 🙂

  2. I’d like to think that I am responsible for my country, too. Your dream of a united Philippines is not really just wishful thinking. It doesn’t have to remain that way. That’s why every citizen has a responsibility to carry out that dream. In our own ways (cliche, cliche) it is very possible. For starters, we can abide by the rules of the city where we are residing. And I’m not just referring to the enforced rules. There are lots of rules that are not being enforced everywhere. Case in point: so far only Marikina is very keen on observing the ordinance pertaining to pet ownership and management. Online, I can promote Manila in more ways than just pointing tourists and locals to Luneta.

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