The Athiest and the Stupid Ugly Christian

An athiest site visitor of commented one of my first articles entitled Downside of Being Goodlooking.

He mocked me for including “God” in that post. Although “God” was not the subject, it was about me, and the highs and hardships of having good looks.

Here is the atheist’s comment:

I’m good looking! But as an Atheist, I don’t believe in all this god crap because it has not been proven to excist. Everlution on the other hand has been recognised. So don’t get religion into this! How can you believe in a god thats made you so ugly you stupid christian!

The stupid ugly Christian’s reply:

It’s Evolution not Everlution. 😉

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  1. he gives atheists a bad name. he didn’t have to call you ugly. that’s way out of line. you got your set of trolls. oh why did you name your blog gwapito? kinda strange narcissistic domain name LOL.

  2. Haha! this really funny. most atheist don’t believe in God because they can’t accept the fact that someone greater than them is existing and that they are nothing but a speck of dust in this universe. I have atheist friends and they don’t act barbaric like this punk. It goes to show how “INTELLIGENT” people can’t buy happiness and moral values. Speaking of which includes killing an unborn baby. Maybe this guy would love it if God did not exist and just let her mom flush her in the toilet!

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