Downsides of Being Good Looking

All men and especially women have the desire to look good physically. As young as three years old already have this consciousness of what is good looks, and little kids know whether they look good or not.

Men particularly the unprivileged ones would like to have Sam Milby’s or Wentworth Miller’s hunky looks pasted on their faces. Those who don’t have enough cash go to the gym while those who have money to burn go to the plastic surgeon. Women wear makeup, jewelry and if those are not enough they put on revealing and tight clothes to show off their bodies.

Men and women do this beautification thing for one or two of the following reasons. Simply to be noticed by everyone around; to dig chicks easily, or lure men without working so hard; applying for a job would minimize all the troubles. I heard some companies accept an applicant because of his or her “pleasant” appearance.

Didn’t you know that there are also downsides of being good looking? Some of you may not believe it, but there are quiet a few.

Downsides of being good-looking:

Pride. It will make you conceited. Satan was guilty of this. He was handsome, and to add to that he was gifted with musical skills, a rank of second in position after God. Because he thought all the attention are all his, but he was wrong. Very wrong. He got kicked out of heaven. Now he is out making everyone ugly. Watch out, stick to Jesus.

Dumb. Everyone thinks of you as dumb. All you have is beauty, and no brains. You can prove them wrong, that if you have the brains to support your good looks.

Hated. Myth has told you that if you have the good looks all human beings and women in particular will love you. You are wrong again. There are a number women and a few gays who just simply hate you for no apparent reasons. Perhaps psychologists have the answer reagarding this strange behavior.

Hardwork. Look at the actors in the movies. Good looking ones always get the lead role, they always get the projects. Producers pick out the pretty ones by default, and that means they are always working, and it will affect your health in the process. In monarch countries during the ancient times they chose handsome men to become their kings, and a king was practically for all time the one who lead in battle, and the unfortunate ones gets killed.

So there. There could be more, but I will add them here if I will experience more downsides in the future. Hehehehehe.


  1. I’m good looking! But as an Atheist, I don’t believe in all this god crap because it has not been proven to excist. Everlution on the other hand has been recognised. So don’t get religion into this! How can you believe in a god thats made you so ugly you stupid christian!

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