Today's "Alternative Music" is Not Exactly Alternative!

Today’s “alternative” description or genre of a certain music or band is somewhat erroneous. So hearing those kids say “I love alternative rock” makes me want to throw up. I avoid saying alternative music to a popular sound which a lot of people hearing it on a popular radio station.

The dictionary defines “alternative” as:

1a. Allowing or necessitating a choice between two or more things.

1. Existing outside traditional or established institutions or systems: an alternative lifestyle.
2. Espousing or reflecting values that are different from those of the establishment or mainstream: an alternative newspaper; alternative greeting cards.
3. Usage Problem. Substitute or different; other.

The “Alternative” trend in music started in the mid 90s by bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains etc. These bands were playing in not so popular venues, songs were heard on not so famous FM stations, that’s why they were originally called the “alternative bands”.

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While mainstream rock group Guns and Roses, Poison, and Bon Jovi and the like were getting plays from popular radio and tv stations.

So if you continue calling Red Hot Chili Pepper as an alternative rock band these days makes me want to kill you!

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