Stupid Things I Did in School

This is not to brag or for you to emulate the silly things i did in school. It just makes me smile remembering those things.

Always remember this: What we do now will always comeback to us in the future. The bible says “What you sow is what you reap.” is always true.

Here it is:

Back in fourth year high school at MSU-IIT.

I drew the face of my teacher in caricature style, then doing the same thing the following week. Then when she was about to enter the room, she saw the cartoon drawing (again) on the blackboard from a distance. She became suspicious. She did not go in right away, but went out somewhere and asked another student from another class to erase the drawing on the board.

Minutes later, she came in, with a trace of anger/blush on her face but in a minimal level (thankfully). She demanded for the guilty one to come out or she will flunk the whole class (i know it was just a bluff). I resisted. But one of my classmates told me to admit.

I heeded.

She was surprised that it was me. I’ve been known to be a “good” boy in school. After some preaching and sermon, she went out again.

Later, our school director (principal) summoned me into his office. Good thing, he was nice. He was smiling while advising me not to draw my teacher’s face again.

Hey, do you have your own naughty experince that you can share? Just hit the comment link.

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