People Judge By the Outward Appearance.


People judge by the outward appearance by default. Whether you’re a Filipino, American, Austrian, Jew. Everybody is guilty of this disturbing mentality. Some ignoramus will conclude that you are this and you are that basing on your clothes, hair, skin and race. If you “look” rich or pretty you get special attention, and you will go unnoticed if you are ugly, or be treated harshly if you resemble a terrorist.

Just recently, a drummer of a rock band Deicide had been falsely accused of bank robbery. Okay, it was just suspicion. He was suspected of robbing a bank. The mess started when he went to the bank to deposit some money that their band earned the previous night from merch sales (t-shirts, CDs etc). The bank staff got suspicious because his appearance and amount of money he was carrying wasn’t a perfect match.

Full story here
But cheer up God is on our side. He never judge people by the outward appearance, but looks at the heart. It’s in 1 Samuel 16:7

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  1. Nowadays its easy to be mistaken up for something you are not. It kinda cross my mind….what if Jesus Christ suddenly appears?? Come to think of the worst 100 possible bad things that could happen to HIM….just like the metal drummer.

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