Why Beautiful Women Avoid Good-looking or Gwapito Guys!

Let me talk about women again.

I’ve seen this myself many times. A woman endowed with a beautiful appearance clinging on the arms of a man lacking in good-looks. Seldom do I see the other way around. It’s usually the former.

I believe these types of pretty women are looking for security in a relationship. They believe that the ugly men will fall madly in love with them, that these ugly men are not women magnets and thus infidelity is somehow avoided.

These pretty women probably had previous good-looking boyfriends that were two or more timers because these pretty boys could possibly “collect” women with just the wink of an eye.

Now I now why beautiful women elude me, but I’m praying that God will give that pretty woman who will trust a good-looking guy like *cough* me!


  1. Beautiful women are smart. They chose to fall in love to an ugly guy with a good sense of humour and treats them like a goddess.. So why settle for someone who is good looking but appears to be the biggest jerk in the world?

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