King Xerxes in the Bible


King Xerxes, the bad guy in the movie 300 is not just a character to make the film exciting. This guy was as famous as our modern equivalent evil rulers that we all love to hate, such as Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Ferdinand Marcos etc.. Xerxes was so renowned that he filled practically all the world history books including the Bible, my much loved book. Although in the Bible, Xerxes is not portrayed as the modern Hitler, but the king’s assistant named Haman, whom the Bible described as “the enemy of the Jews.”

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So where the heck is he in the Bible? He is found in the Book of Esther, in the old testament right after Revelation. Ok, I’m just kidding Revelation is the last book in the new testament. Esther is seventeenth book from Genesis, and she can be found after Nehemiah, or just before the Book of Job.

Queen Esther is one of the wives of Xerxes. She was influential in delivering the Jews out of a possible total extermination. She made use of her beauty, wisdom and courage to persuade king Xerxes to change the decree that commands to annihilate the Jews.

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Thank God for the beautiful Jews like Esther that king Xerxes after seeing her beauty he so was smitten that he was willing to give her half of the kingdom.

Xerxes had some of his dim-witted and deadly actions. When a bridge he built got destroyed by a storm, he ordered his men to give the sea 300 lashes and behead all the bridge builders.

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  1. You are just stupid. Not more not less!
    Xerxes the great gave liberty to the slaves in Greece. Gave liberty to Jewish, and taught the world that all the humans are free and equal!
    Learn history before opening your mouth. Read books. I know you might not be smart enough, but you can try.

    1. xerxes is a perfect example of how a woman can persuade a mans mind into what she wants!! same happened to solomon the wisest man that ever lived!! a soft answer turns away wrath!!

      1. Indeed, in Manila, they’re hiring more lady traffic police because they’re effective in softening the male driver’s aggressive behavior.

  2. Greece had to overthrow xerxes attempts at invasion in greece, you cant say that he made veryone equal, he put himself above everyone..
    YOU should Learn history before opening your mouth..

  3. King Xerxes was indeed a furious and wicked person/ruler in our history. The only time I found him favourable was when he agreed to Queen Esther.

    Who could’ve thought that such man can help save the Jews? Oh, God bless the Jews!

  4. Xerxes was a cruel tyrant that plowed through small towns and burned them to the ground! On one occasion he had all the villagers beheaded and tied to a tree to show everyone his ‘divine’ power. After the battle of Thermopylae (the fight against king Leonidas and his 300 Spartan men (who, by the way killed 25,000 of the estimated 50,000 soldiers of Xerxes)) Xerxes (who normally respected the dead) ordered for king Leonidas’ dead body to be beheaded and and his body, crucified. So yes, king Xerxes must have been a great king who loved everyone and thought of them all as equal… Do some research before putting someone else down for something you know nothing about…

  5. I’m Not even a xerxes lover,but I have to agree,that from what I’ve read in the past & a special I just recently seen on historych2 That he was known to be good to the people he concord,did’nt rape or pillage nor did he stop them from worshipping or destroy their places of worship(as was the practice of most)He was so known for this that the hebrew translation of the bible called him(anointed savior) He was even known for building up some of these cities!!So great was he Even alexander the great wanted to
    follow in his ways.(but his men quickly spoke of mutiny when they found out they couldn’t pillage!!But he still
    married a persian bride(even though he traveled with his homosexual lover) which was common practice of Greek and later Roman soldiers(They believed women were too weak to travel) #history or his story!!

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