Interested to Learn the Cebuano Lingo?

Proud that I am of my first language which is Cebuano, I would like this language to be known to everyone, and spur interest to those who aren’t familiar about it. For that matter, I will be devoting a page solely for learning Cebuano. You can click English – Cebuano page for updates.

I will only put which doesn’t have a tagalog equivalent. Tagalog is one of the official languages in the Philippines, the other one is English.

For example:
English – Cebuano
Monday – Lunes – Lunes is no longer necessary since it has an equivalent in tagalog.

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Sunday – Dominggo – In tagalog, it’s Linggo. That would be the last tagalog word here. Remember, this is exclusively for English – Cebuano learning *winks*.

Before I start, I thank and give credit to C.S. Canonigo, the writer of the book English – Cebuano Made Easy. I purchased the book at Book Sale. I based this tutorial on that book.

Ok, let’s start!

Pronuciation guidance:
a can be pronounced as a in alamo
u can be pronounced as o in ursula
i can be pronounced as e in illiterate

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Days (Mga Adlaw)
English – Cebuano
Sunday – Dominggo

English – Cebuano
Sun – Adlaw
Moon – Bulan
Star – Bitoon
Earth – Yuta, Kalibutan
Cloud – Gabon, Panganod
Rain – Uwan
Shower – Talithi, talisik, taligsik
Thunder – Dalogdog, dogdog
Lightning – Kilat, liti, lipak
Flood – Lunop
Earthquake – Linog
Rainbow – Balangaw, bangaw

English – Cebuano
Spring – Tingpamulak
Summer – Ting-init, tig-init
Autumn – Tingdagdag
Winter – Tingtugnaw, tigtugnaw

English – Cebuano
Zero – Sero, wala
One – Usa
Two – Duha
Three – Tulo
Four – Upat
Six – Unom
Ten – Napulo, Pulo
Eleven – Napulo ug usa, or can be shortened to napulo’g usa
Twelve – Nagpulo’g duha
Twenty – Baynte

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Everyday Conversation
English – Cebuano
Good day – Maayong adlaw
Good morning – Maayong buntag

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