Online Livelihood Part One

Want to make a living online? This is not a get rich quick scheme just in case you’re looking for one.

There are a lot of money-making avenue around the internet, some are legitimate and some are the exact opposite. So how to avoid the latter? Based on my own experience is I join community forums for webmasters, affiliates, web designers. I read news sites, blogs, articles. Lastly, certainly not the least: Google, there you can find practically everything about sites that offer you ways to earn dollars, in the same way, you can search for greedy, selfish scam sites that will do nothing, but purge all of your savings.

First that i would recommend is: – Perfect for Photographers, Illustrators, Videor Editors. Flash developers, Vector artists, 3D artists and Graphic Designers. I earned a total of 800$ in my 2 years with them, this is rather slow compared to the other better members of iStockphoto.

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But you have to carefully read the instructions should you be interested to join their program.

Well , if for some reason you’re not interested in this type of income, you can purchase photos, illustrations, icons, videos, flash movies with a starting price of 1$, that’s right, only a dollar!

More to come!


  1. well, i guess if you have this entreprenuerial interest, u may earn through selling items over the internet. Theres a lot of site there available, but be careful in choosing sites, better have the site which main goal is to protect both sellers and buyers. I heard is promising.

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