Irritating but Dangerous Fact about Women

Women are reputation worry freaks.

I don’t know why they’re like this. Probably they fear rejection if something happens about that stains their reputation.

Practically all of them are reputation worry freaks. Men you better watch out especially if you have an intimate relationship with a woman you have little knowledge about her background.

Women like to appear demure and reserved in public.

According to my meticulous research I found several weapons that women would brandish when their reputation is at stake.

Weapon 1. The mouth. They’re really good at this. Example is when a guy just used this certain woman for fun. This woman will use all the defenses or offenses she could find to protect her reputation. She will by tell all those around her that this guy is blah blah blah.

When weapon number one doesn’t work, she may use the next weapon.

Weapon 2. The Rape Cry. This one is the most dangerous and money depleting situation a guy could ever face.

A handsome classmate of mine back in high school was reported to have raped a certain minx. It started when the girl who the guy didn’t like kept on flirting with him, so to appease the irritating flirt the guy kissed the girl. Then a friend photographed both of them kissing, although the camera didn’t have a film inside. That girl was so worried that the photo might be spread around town. She went to the police to report that she was raped.

A pastor was also in this comparable situation. When he realized the sin he was doing, he started to avoid the woman he had a sexual relationship with. This woman cried rape telling everyone in their religious group that she was raped.

There are many similar of this false rape reports that’s going on around. One of which is Nikki’s rape by Mr. Smith.

Sorry, but I don’t believe you Nikki.

Don’t believe all the news report about rape, most of them aren’t true.

I admire those few brave women who just swallow the bitter pill which is the consequence of their own action and just move on.

*This is just an opinion.


  1. wahahahay that is mean. poor girls about the statement.
    anyway, here  we are to the rescue! wahahahahaha peace!

    [wahahahay ang lupet. wawa naman ang mga gurls sa statement.
    weniwey, kaya nga andito kameh to da reskyu! wahahahahaha peace!]

  2. If the Mr. Smith thing you’re referring to was that celebrated “rape” case, well, you’ve got a comrade here. That woman thinking she’s a heroine because the “public” supported her? Don’t fool me with your emotional antics, you spoiled crybaby! My gosh, Nikki, you flirt openly with the guys + you drink to excess + you join them (of your own consent!) in the van = you cry rape? And you expect yourself not to get laid? You play with matches despite what momma says and then when you get yourself burned you get mad at momma? Oh c’mon, Nikki, don’t think you can get away with all that public sympathy! NOT all Filipinos are dumb.

    My point simply is that Filipinos should use more of their minds than their hearts. Don’t get me wrong, I admire women, but some women simply think they can get away with a good cry just because they’re women. Even the very recent brouhaha about that spoiled actress crying abuse against her Turkish husband really shows what an excellent actress she is. How on earth can she say she’s right when she can’t even fix up her own life and has to run to her domineering mother (as usual) for help? Sheesh… I wish some grown-up people would just grow up.

  3. “flirting”, “drinking in excess” and “joining men in a van” should not be assumed that a woman wants to get laid. It is a statement that really is a put down to men because it indicates that all men think about is sex and that men are stupid for not being able to distinguish between a good time and an outright invitation.

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