The Brown Monkey and the White Monkey

A Caucasian American Christian missionary for Assemblies of God was assigned to start a church someplace in Iligan City in Mindanao. This missionary had some obvious racist’s antics towards the locals there. One of which was he didn’t want any Filipinos to set foot inside their home, everyone except for one brown, Filipino pastor.

This pastor is intelligent, hardworking. He speaks decent English. He wanted to be a lawyer, but shifted to the Bible school when the calling to become a pastor just kept on bugging him. These things are probably one of the reasons why that American missionary liked him. He was my pastor while I was in Cebu.

In one of their normal chitchats, this Filipino pastor was eating a banana. Then the American missionary turned to him and said, “Oh, look the brown monkey is eating a banana!” Then the Filipino pastor replied in jest, “White monkeys eat bananas too!” The racist pastor with a blank face obviously was taken aback after he heard that reply.

The Filipino pastor meant it for plain fun, but that American missionary intended it as a racial joke.

So if you’re an Asian, African or whatever you are, do away with that “victim mentality” and stop saying “That’s totally uncalled for!”

If you look closely at the skins of the Caucasians, you will see that it’s really dirty and their armpits smell bad too!

Don’t take the last comment seriously, because my armpit smells like a dead rat.

Evil begets evil. Racism begets racism.

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