How Should an Asian React to Racism

Wherever we roam around, in the streets of the United States, Europe, on the radio, music, television, the internet especially in the chatrooms, in Youtube. You could hear, see and read racist remarks hurled against Asians.

But they are not what they seemingly appear to be.

Asians should NOT at all feel belittled by the antics of the racists. We Asians need to build up our own confidence, thus we need to educate ourselves on some things we already have that those racists enormously don’t have.

Asians need to know the following:

1. Those racists simply feel threatened or jealous of the Asians’ abilities, talent, skills, and intelligence. So to mask their personal insecurities they cry bigot words towards Asians.

-In the ESPN spelling contest I could see a lot of participants of Asian physical appearance. I thought they comprised about half of the total number of contestants.

-In the internet technology, the names of people involved are of Indian sounding names. The founders of Google are of Asian descents. One of the founders of Yahoo! is of Asian descent, Jerry Yang.

2. Probably some racists are just accidental. They could be simply naïve. I suppose they were fed with wrong information especially by the media.

-A friend who works as a nurse in Ireland was so furious when an Ireland asked him, “Do you have Coke in cans in the Philippines?” I told my friend to be considerate, that Irish could have only watched the poverty side of the Philippines on TV.

3. We Asians are also racists in some ways. We should not cry as if we are victims of abuse by those racists. We ourselves are guilty of racism as well.


  1. Well for me…If I do hear some foreigner taking potshots about my race well I would gladly gesture him back with a smile. Relax…the world is full of ills already. Sticks and stones…remember that line??? ….ring any bells???

    Let them hurl every knarly comments and words on our race because in the end every nasty words hurled at us will eventually come back strong the ones who dunit so. Relax lang tayo. Ok 🙂

    Now where is that crowbar… 🙂 lol

  2. Not only in Survivor but in every “reality show”. Look at PBB, all of the house mates have ‘malugay na buhok’, smooth skin, above average height.

    Who the hell is Paolo kidding?

  3. @Kris
    ngek.. panu napunta kay paolo toh???

    “Those racists simply feel threatened or jealous of the Asians’ abilities, talent, skills, and intelligence.”

    Your sooooo true!!! My fellow classmates treat me badly too 🙁 Dahil lang sa pagkabanlag ko!!!! I don’t care what they say. I have more knowledge and have more capabilities too. All they can do is sing…. but i can do more.

    And they’re just words. Won’t hurt me (physically that is). But you kinda feel like not fitting in.

  4. The founders of Google are not ethnic Asians. This bit of information can be easily found and verified.

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