Corruptions Committed by an Ordinary Filipino

Updated (repost from April 28, 2008).

A number of Filipinos are putting the blame on the politicians’ corruption for the current Philippine situation.

The word corruption is always associated to politicians.

But we always overlooked that we ourselves are also a reflection of what the corrupt leaders are doing. We just like to play the blame game. We ourselves are also guilty of corruption.

The word corrupt according to

  1. Marked by immorality and perversion; depraved.
  2. Venal; dishonest: a corrupt mayor.

In my opinion, if you do the following, you are doing corruption to the Philippines yourself.

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1. Buying Pirated CDs. Have you bought pirated CDs, fake software and all things fake inside a disk or DVD. It is called Intellectual Property Rights infringement. In simple terms, it is stealing other people’s intellectual product.

A musician worked his butt off, only for his CDs being pirated and bought by ignorant buyers.

2. Purchasing Fake products. You call me radical, stupid or just plain weird, but I don’t buy pant or t-shirts with a fake product name. Yes, I don’t buy those items found in Tutuban or Baclaran. Fake Ralph Lauren or fake Adidas or Nike is a big NO for me.

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3. Dishonest partner. Are you dishonest to your girlfriend or wife or husband or boyfriend? Been playing around with your relationship? Then chances are you are a corrupt citizen yourself.

4. A burden to street sweepers. Are you the person who has the habit of just throwing your cigarette butts or candy wrappers just about anywhere? You’re making your surroundings dirty and it’s just another thing for corruption. You may have a clean house or room, but you’re a burden to other people. Isn’t a typical corrupt politician like that?

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So wah cha think?

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  2. Hi Jeff, Great blog and congratulations on you nomination. just wanted to react regarding your post. i agree with you. the problem with us filipinos is that we have a culture of corruption.

    simply put if you want change.. be the change!!!

  3. We are overdosed with news about corruption, wrongdoings in the government and private sector. Many lost trust and confidence to leaders. Everybody is taking the heat; many find ways to calm down by pointing others. The habit of “pointing” mistakes to others is already fatal to our society.

    Thanks for mentioning piracy. Many think software piracy is just alright. Too bad.

  4. That “corrupt” word..the way I thought of it is broad and verbous in its total sense.

    To be strict about it…no one alive is excuse from being one. It comes for the price of being a mortal and not a god. Yeah?

    Honestly I dont buy pants and shirts that are bad knock-offs…although I am pleasantly disgusted to buy a good fake from time to time. Guilty as hell! 🙂

    With free 3W connectivity downloading your fave artists is just one click away….guilty as hell! But come to think of the savings man. $$$(personally of course!! ehem!) guilty as hell!

    I am no politician and I am no angel either!!! I guess I am guilty of being corrupt in this corruptible body after all. Guilty as hell! 🙂

  5. I myself still guilty of piracy. But only on software i could not afford to buy for now. Although i know, time will come when i can really buy original software.

  6. Finally, a blog post about corruption being committed by the ordinary Filipino citizen! Not to read as over-righteous (if there’s even such a word), I am not guilty of any of the items you posted. Thank goodness. Otherwise I wouldn’t feel vindicated for thinking that some Filipinos have a tremendous sense of victim complex. It’s a moral-political issue in that most Filipinos are still subconsciously hung up from the excesses of the past — the Marcos regime, martial law, Imelda. In retrospect, the kids of the ’70s generation managed to imbibe the obsessive discontent of their old folks. It’s just one thing. The other half of the equation is their failure to move on. This is why their present – the daily grind — is being motivated by the combination of blaming any form of authority and committing various crimes that ignore authority. Regardless of class and role in the community, they are still rebel kids at heart. This is why there is no progress.

  7. I dont know which is a bigger crime: Downloading pirated software from the Internet or buying one? Software are too expensive this days. I even saw a software on the internet worth $100!

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