The Extremely Heartwarming Story of How I Forgave Starbucks

One of the seemingly and practically impossible to execute best things I planned to do this year is: Forgiveness.

I opened up the year 2007 with such a noble act, forgiveness. Yes, thank you for the admiration. It was a bit accidental though, but as they say “everything happens for a reason.”

Some of you may have read my previous blog entry regarding my horrible first Starbucks experience. They have not apologized to me or to my friend for giving us a coffee mixed with nuts and bolts, literally.

For over a year after that incident at Starbucks Ayala-Cebu, I vowed not to drink nor eat any of Starbucks’ products as my way of retaliation of their lukewarm or non-response to my complaint I sent through email.

How I forgave Starbucks
In the morning of January 1 after sleeping out at a friend’s house the night before, I was in EDSA waiting for a bus. I waited approximately 5 minutes before I could take an air-conditioned one.

The bus was several meters away from the point I got inside when I realized that the smallest bill in my wallet was 1,000 pesos (20$). I had no choice but to get out of the bus, and look for a food stall to buy so I could divide my money into smaller bills.

But the area in EDSA that I stopped at had no food stall, no McDonalds, no Jollibees. I walked, and walked for some distance, long enough to squeeze a few drops of sweat, until I read a sign that says: Rockwell. It’s a business center, and out of curiosity I entered there because I have never been into this nice looking place.

After walking for another several meters I saw Starbucks at a distance. There were no other restaurants or coffee shops opened at the time, just Starbucks, my hated Starbucks.

My mind was playing around: Should I buy something at Starbucks and so I don’t have to walk kilometers long for home? It’s also time to forgive them; it’s time to be free!

I heeded. I bought a cinnamon.

Starbucks earned, and I earned as well. Corny sya no?

Forgiveness is not just Jesus’ commandment, but it is also any person’s means to freedom from any emotional bondage. It benefits us good health. According to a study that 80% of the patients’ sicknesses in the hospitals are caused by unforgiveness lurking inside their hearts.

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