Why Kayumanggi is Not Filipino

For many years Filipinos believed that having a “kayumanggi” (brown) skin is one of the visual evidence that a resident in the Philippines is a true Filipino.

I disagree.

It is a Southeast Asian thing. The brown skin is a common feature of people living in South Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and even those in Hawaii and Samoan Islands. So it’s not solely a Pinoy thing.

Racist thing now. With the growing popularity of political correctness, the kayumanggi idea can now be considered “racist.”

If a Filipino citizen has a light skin or is of Spanish or Chinese descent, then he or she is not a true Filipino. Yeah right.

This is just my opinion.


  1. It’s very interesting to note that we Filipinos don’t really own that color.
    Also, no one today can claim that he is a pure blooded Filipino as if his bloodline can be traced back to the Tabon Man. 🙂

    1. I claim to be a fullblooded Filipino despite my mixed backgroun because it is my nationaluty, it is where I was born. What more can a person want?

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