Reorganizing of Articles

The articles and television interview
This site is reshuffling some articles, the old ones some date back as 2007 has been put on the front page.  Practically, the articles are about Filipino nationalism or something about the Philippines, purposely for Gwapito‘s forthcoming interview to be aired on Imbestigador on GMA7 within this month. Although, it is still unsure if the specific interview would be included in the two part series (?) entitled “Pilipino Ka Ba?”

Password protected articles
Some articles especially about Gwapito’s deepest personal secrets and “blind items” are now password protected. The original intent of this site was for its author to be anonymous, but carelessness and the upcoming television appearance make it more impossible. The articles can only be accessed by the author himself.


  1. How would your original intent be anonymous when you are freely advertising it verbally and through personal networking sites??!

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