Why I won’t buy a Nissan Motor?

Okay, I’m not exactly a car expert, and I won’t buy a Nissan not because of technical, mechanical, electrical, aesthetical, or whatever “cal” reasons. I don’t like Nissan because they’re a corporate bully! Yes, Nissan Motor is a corporate bully!

Here’s the true story: A certain individual named Uzi Nissan; an Israelite who is now living in the United States is being sued by Nissan Motors for lame reasons.

Mr. Nissan put up a business called Nissan International in 1987, and Nissan Motor was called Datsun at that time.

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In 1991 he incorporated Nissan Computer Corp. and was and still trading computer related products now.

He bought Nissan.com in 1994. His business name Nissan Computer Corp and its logo was certified by the State of North Carolina.

Then on 1999, the mighty cyberbully Nissan Motor sued Mr. Uzi Nissan and seeking 10 Million US$ in damages, and barring him to use his own family name in his own business.

Nissan Motors was desperately evil to get the domain name Nissan.com off the hands of Mr. Nissan. Nissan Motors even sued his other business which did not even have a Nissan word attached to it. Nissan Motor tried all they can to bankrupt Mr. Uzi Nissan.

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The court battle started in 1999 and looks like it ended on 2005. Thankfully, it appears that Mr. Nissan was the last man standing.

If I do my way, I will not buy any of Nissan Motor’s products. I am not closing my doors though.

Visit Nissan.com for the information regarding the case.

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  1. A similar case that’s closer to home is that of Shangri-la the hotel chain and Shangri-la the restaurant. Same thing about trade names and if I remember correctly, the insignia. Guess who won.

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