Nescafe Coffee Filled with Shredded Cockroach

Let me waste 2:35 minutes of your time, watch the video below taken using a cam phone.

Somebody bought a coffee from the Nescafe vending machine in our office cafeteria. He noticed something unusual about the sweet smelling Nescafe coffee. There were dark spots, and he took a closer look. He saw that looked like an arm or a leg of a cockroach! The cockroach was shredded into pieces.

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  1. eww.. but i guess the cockroach must have been squished in the styro cup for quiet some time not in the machine though because if it does, that person will never notice the “shredded” would still be the same sweet smelling nescafe ‘roach’ coffee.. hehehe


  2. oh no.. buti napanood ko itong video na ito.. So that in future if ever na makakita ako ng coffee dispenser e hnd na ako magttry dahil possible plang pasukan ng cockroach sa loob ang mga machines na ganun.. Eww talaga eww..

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