Why Do Mass Murderers Kill Themselves?

I’ve been asking myself this question, ‘why do mass or multiple murderers kill themselves after the killing spree?’ Perhaps one of my readers can answer this. Serious or naughty answers are welcome. But the former is better.

This happened many times already. See the pattern of the previous mass murders and the recent Chris Benoit case.

1. Columbine High School Massacre. The two teenagers killed themselves after shooting 15 people dead and wounding others.

2. Virginia Tech Rampage. Seung Hui Cho put a bullet on his head after killing 33 people.

3. Chris Benoit, the famous WWE wrestler. Killed his wife and 10 year old son, then killed himself later.

While i was searching for the “mass murderers” in Google, i found this site: The Mass Murderer List. It says there that:

“Most mass murderers are male, white, conservative and come from relatively stable, lower-middle-class backgrounds.”


  1. Those involve in this gruesome act of mass murdering are considered pschologically insane. Born with imperfect genes or whatever scientists call it, their impulse of killing is triggered by outside factors and insanity. One case I read on the life of a mass murderer was that he was bullied in school. I think they kill themselves to avoid prosecution.

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