A CIDG Confidential Agent's Confession

I got this “article” from a comment in one of my previous articles entitled What do Tulfo Brothers, NBI, CIDG and NPA Have in Common?

The commenter claims to be a CIDG agent. Hiding behind the name mystery. Is he telling the truth? Only him knows, the poster himself.

I am a CIDG Confidential Agent or “CA”. Personally, I volunteered last year to know what’s really inside in this organization and because also of my interest to carry firearms like my friends do. Although it is under the PNP but it seems that CIDG seems to be the elite police a “policeman of the policemen” smarter and trained than the regular rank and file personnel.

My first “kotong” encounter was when we stopped and searched a timber smuggler. The vehicle was successfully converted to look like a passenger jeep but with a powerful Canter engine and with expired yellow plate. It was not ferrying passengers but rather smuggled lumber of lawaan and hardwood species in various sizes to be delivered to a buyer-retailer and shall be sold beside in our municipal pier.

So we stayed from 12:00 am drinking and slapping the bites of the mosquitoes beneath the canopy of the surrounding trees while we are waiting for the coming of the jeep. We consumed a long-neck Emperador brandy and by around 3:00 am the sound of the jeep’s engine was already identified coming uphill. The jeep was really powerful that in spite of its load it was able to carry the lumber effortlessly. The jeep has a motorcycle escort scouting the highway in advance about 100-200 meters or 10 minutes away and if it encounters some anomalous parked vehicles it swerves back and inform the jeep with smuggled lumber to stop or return to the sawmill or talyer about 3 kilometers away.

We divided our team into three groups. Three were aboard the stainless steel jeep and the two other rode in a motorcycle each with 2 personnel. One of our motorcycle has chased the advance motorcycle escort and our stainless steel jeep has overtaken the smuggler jeep and flagged it down to stopped. So we searched the vehicle and the owner told us that there was no lumber. Indeed, if you are not curious you would declare the jeep clean and let it go away. But upon opening the cargo enveloped with blue mantle the lumber was unveiled to us. The the woman owner told us that the lumber was only few and she has a compromise so she told us to let her go. But upon inspecting the bottom of the jeep and at the roof-top the jeep was fully stuffed with good lumber. Some smuggling disguise coco-lumber or copra on display while beneath the piles are the good lumber.

So the haggling start. Our team leader asked for the jeep as exhibit and leave the lumber to the owner while the owner haggled to leave the lumber and allow them to leave with the unlicensed jeep. The other option of the owner was to let them go back to their sawmill. Being an illegallista a smart woman is a good negotiator and she is capable to offer the “unexpected” things to tempt or to titillate the earthly desire of the male operatives.

But the sound of the money is already tingling in the ears of my companions. So I listened to the transaction and did not do anything being a neophyte. The woman boarded our stainless steel jeep then proceeded to the town to get money from her buyer but rather opted later to go to her brother so as not to expose her buyer’s identity. Then, at 4:00 am our jeep has arrived with the money (a Canter jeep is worth 500,000 and the lumber perhaps 20,000) but the grease money is only about ten thousand so by simple mathematics the smart smuggler opted for the lesser amount.

We therefore get the money and proceeded to the market to eat our early breakfast meal. I received my share in the afternoon for the reimbursement of my gasoline expenses, errand participation and text messages during the operation.

What I know from our team leader was that, his “RC” Regional Chief has a birthday the following week and he has to produce money for his pork lechon gift during his natal day and decided to make a this highway robbery act to please his boss “fatal” day.

Why our group has not arrested the jeep as to my suggestion its because the buyer of the lumber is also giving the office with weekly payola of 500-1000 used for buying text load by our Team Leader in monitoring the illegal activities in his command area having no allowance from the CIDG Regional Office. It appears that the money extorted from illegal activities was also used for the surveillance, office supplies, food, entertainment, pocket money for the confidential agents, operational expenses, etc.

Then the lowly paid operatives are sending their salary to their family through ATM and when the money sent is short their “wives” and children will be starving and stopped from their schooling.

So the vicious cycle is repeated exhorting, birthday parties, fiesta celebrations, night clubs, kabits, queridas, surveillance, hot pursuit operations and the like. I presume that the same cycle is propagated at the timber smuggler camp – police payola, family needs, maintenance of the their high cost of living, illegal operations, etc. The unemployed are also selling illegal lumber for a gain of few centavos to meet their needs. All of this at the expense of the environment and lost income of the BIR, also a corrupt agency mandated to collect billions perhaps trillions being remitted to the executive, judiciary and legislative bodies perceived by foreigners as also rigged with graft and corrupt practices.

If you file a case against the smugglers, the office has no competent legal personnel to handle the case so the court battle is lost in favor of the illegallistas and wealthy smugglers. So why file the case and get unexpected results (i.e. administrative cases)? Why not just extort money to maintain the status qou? As I assess the situation the corruption will go on perpetually. The never ending story of the good and evil battle will never be won until our Maker returns to this planet.

And after giving the lechon to the RC our ID’s as CA’s or informants was already approved. Our performance will be assessed and our appointment will be renewed after 6 months. If we cannot live-up to the expectations of our Team Leader our appointment will be canceled, our mission orders will be recalled and our permit to carry weapon (side arms) will be no longer authorized. Hence, our personal interests (business protection and being somebody) in our barangays shall be no longer “respected”.

Being a typical masochist society our “pagkalalaki” and being “siga” in the streets will be significantly reduced. Our role as security personnel and close-in body guards to our provincial governor and municipal mayor will be drastically affected and if our being CA is being recalled or canceled then goodbye to our 0.380, 0.357, 0.45, UZI, MP5, baby Armalite, etc. and our family will be starving and without firearm licenses we will be forced to look for money through the power of our guns. The CIDG will now issue a warrant of arrest against us, turning our long-time friends into foes just because of MONEY!


  1. Mr. Confidential Agent of CIDG, one of the problems with law enforcement agencies is the investigative personnel’s lowly salary which is not enough to support his family or his lifestyle. This in turn will make the law enforcer resort to illegal means. A confidential agent should not depend on the law enforcement agency and make it his blood line. In the first place, such confidential operatives are not connected with the agency and are well informed that their duty is only to provide intelligence information and not to join or participate in actual law enforcement operation. Confidential agents have no salary. And one government agency I know accepts C.A.s (Confidential Agents) only after conducting a thorough background investigation. Most of its C.A.s are professionals and they don’t expect financial gain for their services in the government. They are given firearms and permits to carry firearm ONLY for their personal protection.

    If you use your C.A. ID or Permit to Carry License in the wrong way, then shame on you. Better surrender your ID and find other decent way to earn money.
    It was disclosed to me by a relative of mine who entered the Philippine National Police that corruption is so rampant that even Police Applicants experience this during the processing of their application. It was also alleged by someone I know inside the PNP that applicants pay a large sum of money to be admitted in the academy. You may consider this an early training for corruption to future police officers.

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