1. We have different opinions regarding BF’s performance and how does it like to be when he become a President.

    Communist country is a great step towards correcting the mistakes of a certain obviously corrupt country.

  2. Yes, very true ada… However many really oppose BF’s ways, I seem to like what he’s doing. Applying force..

    BTW.. very funny pics.. hahaha..

  3. This is exaggeration at its very essence.

    Do you think people of Marikina are having a “hell living in a communist country” for all those years that they’ve been under the Fernandos? I have friends and classmates who are very happy, satisfied and are very proud that they’re Marikinians because of the good governance there. I envy Marikina and I dream that someday we can be like them. I know that there are those that are disappointed but I say majority are happy with the way things are going over there.

    What we need is discipline and a leader who has “real” political will. I know Bayani wouldn’t win because people aren’t just ready yet to have that “real” change. Filipinos doesn’t want to be disciplined and that’s very observable in a day to day basis.

    Say, you don’t wanna vote for Bayani? Then who are you gonna vote for? Is there anybody out there who’s at least better?

  4. Yes, Lalon.

    If you’re are living in Marikina, 99% you will vote for him for President. Even people in slum areas love the Fernandos now because after they have been bashed off in their areas, they have jobs accordingly.

    Glad I’m a pure Marikenia (from kinder to High School I studied in Marikina). Try living there. Feel the power, taste the discipline.

  5. “Gwapito.com Says:

    March 6th, 2008 at 9:16 pm
    Don’ take this post seriously, it was originally intended to be a joke.”

    We are glad that you admitted that this blog is just a joke, we wish to be your friend, because some people might take this seriously and it might give a wrong impression on our presidential bet in 2010. Fresh..new..non corrupt..doer..pro poor..with track records of service..from a good family who will honor their name..nationalistic and has flare for heroism.. BAYANI Fernando.

    Speaking of jokes, let me share to you a BF JOKE.


    In a fund raising Dinner Concert Alay sa Inang Maria where BF, Gen. Senga and Sen. Lina rendered songs pro bono, ito ang joke ni Bishop Francis de Leon ng Our Lady of the Abandoned (OLA)

    Una, nirecognized nya na si Bayani Fernando at Gen. Generoso Senga ay naging Sacristan ng OLA nung mga bata pa sila.

    Dalawang klase daw ang mga sacristan ng OLA: yung mababait at yung mga bad boys.

    Yung mga mababait daw…nagiging Chief of Staff , at MMDA Chairman (Bishop..baka maging presidente pa ito)

    Yung mga bad boys…nagiging PARE…

  6. Hello Gawpito, the post above is by someone who is using my name and former location — he is none other than Toti Dulay, main minion of Bayani and Marides Fernando. You can visit my blog to see who I really am, and look at my other blog on blogspot to see where Toti Dulay has made this un-funny joke comment.

    Toti Dulay may be a professor but his use of my name and location in that previous comment when he fully knows that I despise and abhor Bayani Fernando is a crass and objectionable way of promoting his candidate. Please check the IP address and location of the commenter who signed in as Bambit of Iligan, and please email the information to me, if you can.

    Thank you.

  7. I wish to patent my name, Bambit of Canada…in contrast to the other Bambits, the Bambit of Iligan, the Bambit of Kamuning, Bambit of Real Quezon, and the Bambit of Pasay.

    Well, to make this blog really exciting and therefore become the real talk of the town, let us have a survey, whom will you vote for president in 2010?

    Joseph Estrada?
    Mike Arroyo?
    Eddie Gil?
    Mar Roxas?
    Bayani Fernando?
    Manny Villar?
    Noli de Castro?
    Oliver Lozano?
    Ben “hamburjer”Abalos?
    Jun “Probinsyanong Intsik” Lozada?
    Bambit of Kalentong?
    Sergio “Mr. Wetness” Apostol?
    Bambit of Balic Balic?
    Jojo Binay?

  8. A lot of people are claiming my name. There is a Bambit of Kalentong, Bambit of Balic Balic, Bambit of Canada (she wants the name patented to her..shock!!), two are claiming the Bambit of Iligan, well call me the Bambit of Makati. And Im the true Bambit. Right Mr. Gwapito? I dont care if the other Bambits are smittened with your looks…they maybe your textmates, your hot momma, your secret lovers…I dont give a hoot. I am the Bambit who spelled your name right. I am your True Bambit

    I vote for Mike Arroyo to be the next president. He will assure the continuity of the programs of PGMA specially those that are now in the pipeline. Electing Villar, BF, Roxas, Noli or Binay will not be an assurance that the present programs will be continued.

    If Hillary Clinton can run for president, Mike Arroyo can also run.

    By the way, what is so important about the name Bambit? What is the catch? Syota mo ba yan?

    MIKE ARROYO FOR PRESIDENT. (repeat it 3 times everyday)

    well, Eddie Gil is my next choice.

  9. elo gwapito. dyowa mo ba si Bambit? Well, I am Bambit. but a boy(almost) Bambit. Ookrayin kta ha. Oks lang ba?

    hoy bruha…Bambit ng Makati. Tru ba na si papa Mike ang gusto mo? Wow. Bongga ha. Madyonda ka na, jologs ka pa rin ha. Tyuba!!!

    Dyaka ka siguro. Kaming mga gandara, si chiz Escudero gusto namin. Si Manny, Si Mar, Si Pampy, Si BF o si Jojo…pwede pa, pero si PAPA MIKE….que horor!

    Sa lahat ng mga Bambit ni Gwapito…talbog kayo sa beauty ko.

    Bambit ng Makati..buti pa si John Osmena na lang o si Ernie Maceda ang piliin mo…oh kaya, para bongga..si Romelly Neri…ayyyy, ano ba to. Nakakaloka ka lola.

  10. Puro kayo Bambit ..Bambit..Bambit


    walang sinabi si Noli, BF, Mar at Binay dito…

    By the way, si Bambit ng Las Pinas to.

  11. Hala bai Gwapito, lingaw diay diri kaayo sa imong pwesto, daghan diay kaayo kog sangay dinhi.

    Ah basta akong kandidato si Serge Osmeña para presidente, asa pa ka mangita … gwapo na artistahon pa … hilom ra kaayo mag buhat pero kuyaw.

    Serge Osmeña for President!

    p.s. ako pa nimo bai, mag charge ka ug advert space aning mga nag butang ug mga kandidato nila (apil ko pwede pinaagi sa paypal ang bayad?)

  12. Nano man ini nga ginhihimo niyo. Lintian kamo, puros na la kamo Bambit.

    Pastilan..si Bayani Fernando gud an maupay nga mag presidente.

    Kakastiguhon ka an sussunod nga magbubutang pa hin Bambit ha…diri na maupay iton.

    Bayani Fernando for President.
    Mar Roxas for Vice President

    Bambit san Makati, ayaw pagtinuyaw ha..ini nga si Mike Arroyo..konta magpresidente hiya sa Bilibid..mayores san mga priso.

    Ini si Bambit han Calbayog…gutiay piro daku an….

  13. Well for me Bayani is the hope of the thinking Pilipinos. enough of those non performing politicians who are all talk and pure air. You may not like Bayani because maybe you dont like to follow even simple rules and be a disipline citizen. Think, think because all your options other than Bayani are all populist. They are all pro poor lip server but actualy they take advantage of the gullible poor for their selfish agenda.
    Bayani is always thinking of how to serve everybody just like his gwapotel projects as one example that benefits everyone. Matigas lang talaga ulo ng Pinoy at kailangan natin ay isang matigas din para manaig ang tama sa kabaluktutan. Bayani for president!! Bayani is my choice !!!!!

  14. Bayani for president. I will support Bayani Fernando in 2010. Kay BF kami ng pamilya ko.
    The only one I know who have the political will and balls to make even unpopular action for the benefit of the majority is BF. He is unique type of public servant who became rich thru his honest to goodness and above board businesses, unlike some presidential aspirants who are very rich but does not have a business of their own. (Where did they get the money?). You will be surprise that Bayani Fernando has a track record, not only image, but a real track record, of pro poor projects, including giving homes to thousands of squatters when he was the mayor of Marikina and providing employment to thousand of jobless Filipinos. He is a real masa, a masa in real life. Unlike Erap who is only masa during photo ops and campaign sorties, but inside his cirlce, he is sorrounded by elites, beautiful girls and wheeler dealers.In fact, Erap was found guilty making money from the pension of ordinary workers in SSS in connivance with the rich (a reverse Robin Hood, you may say). Bayani Fernando, even in his house and in his office is sorrounded by masa or middle class professionals.. even in social gatherings, he is comfortable in a company of the masa and hard working middle class. Remember, he is a construction boy, so he knows how to deal with the “piyons”. When Bayani Fernando said,”tignan nyo tong mukha ko, wala pa akong pinapatay… ” True, he has never been involved in politics of violence. His politics is politics of pro poor public service, excellence and good taste. Water seeks its own level and Bayani Fernando has arrived. There is hope for the Philippines now.

  15. Villar is my guy for president!!
    Lacson is my man for president!!!
    Roxas is my fave for president!!!
    Erap is my one and only for president!!!
    Joke lang ha!!!
    Eto di na joke kasi siya lang ang tunay na pag asa natin with political will para umunlad ang bansa natin paris ng nagawa niya sa bayan ng Marikina!!!
    Bayani ang tunay na bayani ng bayan.!!!! Me is for BF sana kayong mga Bambitera at Bambitero magkaisa tayo sa Bayani natin BF na tayo!!!

  16. ano ba tong blog nato!lahat na yata ng mga Bambit sa barangay, nag reunion dito.

    gusto nyo paglaban labanin natin lahat ng mga Bambit? Ok!

    Bambit ng Calbayog VS. Bambit ng Makati

    Bayani Fernando – pambato ni Bambit ng Calbayog
    Mike Arroyo – Pambato ni Bambit ng Makati

    Sino gusto nyong maging Presidente sa Dalawa? BF or Mike!

    Bigyan natin ng time si Bambit ng Makati na siraan si BF at iporma si Mike Arroyo.

    Bigyan din natin ng time si probinsyanong Bambit, ang Bambit ng Calbayog na tirahin si Mike at depensahan si BF.


    Mike Arroyo,anak ng mga Tuazon
    Bayani Fernando,anak ng dating Mayor ng Marikina na hindi yumaman, Mayor Gil “Kamote” Fernando

    Tignan natin kung hanggang saan ang tigas ni BF!!! hehehe!!

    Are you ready to rumble??????????????


    Gwapito, malaking gulo to…baka pumasok sa iksena si Palparan, Ronnie Puno at si Medy Poblador…patay ang manok ni Bambit ng Calbayog.

  17. Mga ka kosa, musta na kayo?

    Alam nyo ba na si Bambit ng Makati ay gumawa ng Blog na umaatake sa mga urbanidad tarpulins ni BF sa EDSA?

    Nag comment ako sa blog nya. Sabi ko bakit selective ang sense of righteousness nya. Bakit yung commercial ni Noli sa
    Pag – ibig sa TV di nya anaatake. Bakit yung mga billboards ni PGMA sa buong bansa di nya inaatake.

    Palagay ko, tinutotoo nyang siraan si BF at itulak ang presidential campaign ni Mike Arroyo. Talagang kinareer nya yung laban nya kay Bambit ng Calbayog.

    Sabi ko nga sa kanya eh tirahin din naman nya yung ZTE deal or yung jocjoc bolante or yung human right violation ni Palparan. Tinanong ko sya kung bakit “stalker” sya ni Bayani Fernando samantalang ang daming issues na pwede nyang asikasuhin.

    Di nya pinublis yung comment ko at ang ginawa pa nya eh tinira pa nya ako sa isang blog entry…hanep talaga itong si Bambit ng Makati, obsessed. Wala sa ayos.

    Sabi ko nga sa mga kasama natin sa BF4P, pag pasensyahan na natin si Bambit ng Makati kasi we are dealing with somebody na mukhang wala sa wisyo. Sabi ko nga na ituring na lang natin sya na parang si Alo (marikina joke to), na maski na wala sa wisyo eh welcome pa rin natin sya sa ating bahay…ganun ka hospitable tayong aral sa Marikina Way. Marunong tayong umunawa sa isang taong may karamdaman.

    Kaya, Gwapito, pasensya ka na ha…dito ang hingahan namin ng sama ng loob sa blog mo..kasi open at honest ang blog mo…we will remember your kindness Gwapito someday.Friends forever tayo pare ko.

    Prof. Toti Dulay
    Director, AIM Alumni Association
    Doctoral Candidate, UP College of Public Administration
    Follower ng Blog ni Gwapito

    P.S. By the way Gwapito, your blog is in the Top 10 in the Google search under BAYANI FERNANDO FOR PRESIDENT. Talo mo yung blog ni Bambit ng Makati.

  18. “Hoy, mga alipores ni BF mag-isip isip kayo…ang gusto nyong maging Presidente sa iilang barangay lang sa Marikina mananalo…, baka kahit kagawad ng Barangay nde pa mananalo yan.” LOLOY BALADHAY

    Mga kasama namin sa BF4P sa buong Pilipinas. Tignan mo itong si BALADHAY..wala na naman sa ayos. Hindi man lang nagbabasa ng dyaryo. Bakit di nya alam na si BF ay undefeated mayor ng Marikina sa loob ng 3 term. Tatay nya eh dati ring Mayor. Misis nya ay undefeated mayor din. Landslide sila lagi sa lahat ng barangay sa Marikina. Mukhang may isa na namng wala sa wisyo na natutong magblog..kaya eto…kung ano ano na lang ang sinasabi sa blog.

    Bakit kaya “BF -centric” tong si Baladhay…bakit stalker ni BF? …baka ito ay isa sa mga professional squatters na kinumpiska ni BF yung mga lupa na kinamkam at binagay sa tunay na mga squatters, kaya yan..galit yung mama. Baka ito yung pilit binakuran yung sidewalk maski na galit yung mga kapitbahay nya…pinagiba ni BF yung binakod nya sa sidewalk at masaya na ngayong nakakapaglaro yung mga bata sa sidewalk.

    Sino kaya to?

    Siguro, isa ito sa mga loko na hindi umubra ang kalokohan kay BF….nakakuha ng katapat kung baga, kaya sa blog na lang nagpapasasa.

    Anyway, gayun pa man…patawarin na natin tong si Baladhay…di ba si BF mismo, ayaw nya ng politics of violence at pinagmamalaki pa natin na wla pa syang pinapapatay sa buong buhay nya….kaya ituring na lang natin si Baladhay na parang si Ador Langis…nakakasuya pero di naman nananakit.

    Tayong mga taga marikina at taga BF4P ay mapagpasensya sa mga taong katulad ni Alo, Baladhay at Ador Langis….Baka is BF mismo eh di sya pansinin maski na obssessed stalker nya itong si Baladhay…

    Gwapito..salamat ha..dito talaga magandang magresponse..hayaan natin na yung mga “stalkers” ni BF ay pumunta dito sa blog na to….

    Gwapito..di ka ba nagtataka sa mga stalkers ni BF…di sila nagsusulat laban kay Erap, laban kay Marcos at Laban kay Gloria? Siguro alam nila na dating sacristan si BF at kakampi sya ng simbahan at lahat ng mga seryosong Pilipino..kaya iba ang profile ng mga stalkers ni BF…puro wala sa wisyo na natutong magblog.

  19. Am ofcourse I have been invited to join the BF4P Movement.. haha… ill have to study this matter more… for now you can pay a visit to http://www.marikinavalley.com its so new, there’s not much content, and there is also a forum board which you can interact with marikenyos from all over the world

  20. Only those with personal problems with BF opposes him. Nobody can deny that he is the best government official at this time.

  21. Kahit ano pa sabihin ng mga taong galit kay BF, I think in my opinion he may be the solution for our country’s fast downfall. Mga walang disiplina lang naman ang galit sa kanya e. Kaya di umaasenso ang isang lugar dahil sa walang kadisidisiplina ang mga tao at walang kaayusan. Bakit ang Davao maganda rin? kase may disiplina ang tao at pinamumunuan ni Duterte. Sila ang mga taong dapat magpatakbo ng bansa natin.

  22. Filipinos need a VALIANT AND VERSATILE LEADER like Bayani fernando. I mean, What is a country without a TRUE LEADERSHIP?

    He will give us PRIDE AND DIGNITY by leading us into a TREMENDOUS TRIUMPH!

    He will speed up the Progress here in the Philippines just like what he did to Marikina, a city that was a SLUM but now recognized as


    For Justice from the mistakes in our society!
    For the next Generation our people!
    For the PRIDE of our country!
    For the complete eradication of IGNORANCE AND INDIFFERENCE!
    T o crush our enemies within (CORRUPTION AND SLOTH)

    you can add your support by adding me in your friendster list


  23. Bakit ba masyado nyong pilit binababoy ang pangalan ni BF?!
    Gaaano mo ba siya kakilala. At bakit masyado niyong sini-stress ang mga negatibo at hindi yung makatwirang mga POSITIBO!
    Gaano ka bang nagmalasakit sa bayan mong Pilipinas?!
    Alam mo yung mga kauri mo ay nagdudulot ng kurapsyon at kawalan ng hustisya dito sa bayan ko!
    Nagaalis ng pag-asa sa bawat Pilipino!
    Imulat nyo nga ang iyong mga mata, para makita nyo ang totoong salarin sa ang ating inang bayan, ang kawalan ng pag-aksyon ng mga kurap at kawangis na mga opisyales na walang ginawa kung hindi hayaang maging mangmang ang mga Pilipino para makakuha lang ng boto!
    Si BF merong paninindigan na wala ang mga ibang traydor na opisyales!
    Tanungin mo nga ang sarili mo!
    Naniniwala ka bang babangon at mamamayagpag ang ating bansa at maging ang ating lahi?
    Kasi ako OO, si Bayani ang tungo sa PAG-ASA!

  24. using public funds and government resources for his 2010 presidential ambitions.

    tacloban leyte



    Take note of the following
    1. tricycles with Bayani stickers
    2. bayani fernando supporters (or maybe marikina city gov’t or mmda employees) wearing pink shirts
    3. government license plate
    4. marikina city government logo on vehicle
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  25. Force! May the force be with him. Like what jmarv said, applying force… Even if he steps on people, sidewalk vendors, squatters, etc. He just wants order and discipline.

    In the first few years of him being mayor in Marikina, everyone disliked him. If you’re a sidewalk vendor, you’re goods will be shredded. If you’re a squatter, you will be relocated. If you’re just a citizen with your house hitting the bangketa, prepare to literally clear the front of your house. If you put your garbage in front of your house and it’s not yet garbage day, you’ll see them back in your house the next morning. That’s force. And after two terms of being mayor, 99% of Marikenos treat him as their idol!

    It’s not really the physical change that Marikina went through which is outstanding but the way BF instilled his ideas on the minds of the local citizens.

    Bayani Fernando: http://kaiserfernandez.wordpress.com/2008/09/10/bayani-fernando/

  26. I like BF and his projects. kaya lang pakisabi sa kanya, baka hindi pa oras para tumakbo siya. parang may negative vibes akong nararamdaman mula sa tao para sa kanya.

  27. Who is the real Bambit? None of the above is the real Bambit. The real Bambit is a “stalker of BF”. She lambasts BF but she ignores Jocjoc Bolante. She does not like BF but she likes Gen. Palparan. She accuses BF but she never accuse ZTE’s Ben Abalos. Pati ba naman pagka Sacristan ni BF tinira pa nya sa isang blog,nag kunwari syang kilala nya yung blog owner..di nya alam, may Google alert tayo ng anything about BF kaya nasusundan natin lahat ng posts nya.

    Galit si Bambit sa mga taga Marikina kasi raw bakit tuwang tuwa tayo ng nagbigay si BF sa mga 11,000 squatters ng sariling bahay.Mas bilib si Bambit kay Golez, magaling daw magsalita eh.

    Mag ingat tayong mga taga Marikina….iwasan natin ang Marikina accent pag nasa Rustans tayo..baka nasa likod si Bambit may dalang icepick.

    Ayusin natin pronounciation natin para di mahahalatang taga Marikina tayo…yung “perfect”, “P” ang simula nun, hindi “F”..ingat lang pare..possessed itong Bambit na to.

    Pano mo malalaman kung nandyan na yung Bambit….pag may matandang babae na nakatingin sayo at pinapakinggan yung pag pronounce mo ng “F” at “P”..malisik ang mata at medyo pangit..baka yung Bambit na yun. Di mo pa rin to nakikita yung aleng ito pero ayon sa mga bloggers na nakausap ko..more or less ganun itsura nung nasabing Bambit.

    Mahirap nito..baka pumunta yan dito sa Marikina at magwala dyan sa palengke o sa sabungan at magsisigaw ng “BF, I love You!” (eh kung marinig ni MCF to…patay)

    Di sanay ang mga tanod natin na maghandle ng ganyang kaso…baka malito yung mga tanod…san ba dadalhin tong Bambit na to..sa Barangay? sa prisinto? sa DSWD? sa mandaluyong? o sa city pound?

    Tandaan nyo..kabilin bilinan ni BF..bawal manakit..pinagmamalaki pa nya na wala pa syang pina papatay maski sino kailan man…kaya maximum tolerance dito kay Bambit…baka magalit si Chairman…

    eka nga..be kind to animal…

  28. My family and I will campaign for Bayani Fernando as the next President of our beloved country because of the ff reasons:
    1. We, filipinos, need a visionary and disciplined leader who can guide us to a better future
    2. He has proven himself several times that no matter how unpopular his decisions, he pursued it and it benefited majority of filipino people
    3. He has good moral values and supportive family which can help him on tough times

    Let me know if I can be of help to his campaign for the Presidency!

  29. hehehe..di nya mahahalata na taga marikina ako..magaling to – its pare.

    Unang una ferpect ang fronounciation ko….

    pangalawa..yung waknatoy..di alam ng Bambit na yan….kala nya isang uri ng weteng yan….

    Pag tinawag ko syang Anita..tuwang tuwa pa sya..kala nya parang Lolita sa internet….

    tapos pag nag biro sya..sasabihin ko..”hay cubao”..kala nya elibs ako sa kanya…

    Hoy ..di nya mababasag to..batang pangkalu to…

    Pero ingat din tayong taga marikina pre..baka bigla na lang mangagat yang Bambit na yan… eh baka di pa napa anti rabis yan aleng yan….

  30. Pag pumunta yang aling yan dito sa Marikina..lalagyan ko ang damit nya ng Everlasting..(kala nya katulad to ng nasa Baguio)…secret natin to ha….Marikina joke to…

  31. Pag naligaw yang nasabing suspect na nagngangalang Bambit dito sa ating bayan..papasalubungin natin sa kanya si Alo, Ador Langis at si Eleng Eleng..birds of the same feather (peather) flock (plock) together..hehehe ..muntik ko ng mapagpalit yung P at F ano…hoy…conscious na to…pre

  32. goodday, ka-bf4p!

    benjie dorango po ito. assistant director/head writer ng kanyang programa sa nbn channel 4, ang MMDA ON THE ROAD. please help naman to support his tv program every friday, 7pm-8pm. maganda ang concept and maraming inputs lalo na yung mga lakad namin tuwing may operation. kaya lang, since channel 4, parang walang pumapansin. maganda kasi itong gamiting materyales para ma-educate pa ang iba na hindi naniniwala kay chairman. you can also email us at mmda_on_the_road@yahoo.com kung meron kayong napupuna o nais na isumbong sa inyong lugar. pasasagot natin yan kay chairman. and also, feel free to record every episode at upload it on youtube. pansin ko, wala kasing gumagawa nito. ako sana kaya lang sobrang busy kami sa production.

    tnx guys and see you in 2010!

    Go! may urbanidad na mamamayan!
    GO! Chairman Bayani Fernando!

  33. hindi ko lang masabi.. kahit marami magandang nagawa si BF sa Marikina, marami rin siyang mali.. ang totoo nyan ang tingin ko pinapalayas na ni BF lahat ng mahirap sa markina sa pamamagitan ng panggigipit… at marami ako kilala na naatrasuhan niya gaya ng mga tricycle drivers.

    tungkol naman sa mga road widening e may mga lote na kinain ang malaking bahagi dahil dyan pero ang hindi raw matanggap ng mgamay-ari e binabayaran pa rin nila yung lote nila na ginawa na namang goverment property nang gawing sidewalk.

    ang plano raw ng administration ng marikina ngayon ay i-promote ang tourism bayan. or sabihin nating ang malaking bahagi ng mga pangkalahatang plano ay sa turismo lang. kaya ilang mahahalagang proyekto at sektor ay hindi mapaglaanan ng pondo gaya ng paglinang sa mga kabataan sa arts at literature.

    parang namatay na rin ang maliliit na industriya ng sapatos at ang natira ay ang malalaki. hindi ko malaman kung ano ang nangyari. nagsimula ito sa commercial place ng SHOE TRADE along shoe avenue. dati puro sapatos tindahan ng saptos dun. ngayon puro computer shop na at iba.

    may mga sa historical events na naganap sa marikina ang hindi binibigyang halaga ngayon. Dito raw piniit si SAKAY bago bitayin.

    basta… kung tatkbo si BF hindi ko sya iboboto.. marami siya magagawa kung an trabaho niya ay iyong pag-eexperimento sa mga bagong praan kung paano mappatno ang systemasa urbanidad ng mga tao gaya ng ginagawa niya ngayon sa MMDA (kahit karamihan ay kinaiisnisan ng mga tao at minsan ay nagddulot pa ng pagkalagas ng buhay). pero, kung tatakbo siyang presidente.. hindi siguro. Hindi iyo ang tamang puwesto nya para sa bayan.

  34. dapat lang MAGANDA ang marikina. dapat nga mas maganda pa keysa sa ngayon. mahigit sa limang doble ang binabayaran ng mga may-ari ng lupa at bahay sa real estate tax sa marikina simula ng naupo ang mga FERNANDO. sa taon lang na ito, ay nagtaas sila ng more or less 300.00 para sa BAWAT BAHAY. at more or less, 2000.00 para sa commercial lots. (yan e habang all of us are suffering from the global economic crisis). di ba malupit?

    wala na ang mga dating may-ari ng sapatusan sa marikina kasi lumipat na sila sa antipolo at iba pang karatig bayan. napakahirap magnegosyo sa marikina, napakataas ng business tax….

    wish ko lang na sana yung mga dinagdag na bayarin ngayong taon e hindi magamit sa kampanya niya…gaya ng paggamit niya ng funds ng mmda para maglagay ng mga posters sa iba’t ibang lugar dito sa pilipinas!

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