What's Your Initial Reaction About the Chip Tsao Issue?

Do you feel belittled everytime a controversial article hitting the Filipinos? Do you feel insulted when you read an article similar to┬áChip Tsao’s?

Some perceived it as racial and some demanding for an apology from Chip Tsao himself.

I don’t see this issue as racial. Just plain insecure on the part of the famous author.

Even though Philippines is considered a poor country, we still produce talented, skillful, artistic, hardworking, practically speaks good english and physically good looking human beings. Which make us an object of envy among our Asian neighbors.


  1. The issue raised by Chip Tsao isn’t just about disputes in Spratly… I guess there is deeper reason behind this. He took it too personal. So let’s make it personal. He started the war, so bring it on. The war isn’t about China vs. Philippines but Chip Tsao alone vs. Filipinos. Feel our rage Chip Tsao!


  2. Or maybe he wanted to write an article that can attract lots of attention $$$, for HK magazine?

    The hate response generator. Kinda successful in attracting responses too.

    Have you guys heard his apology? He spoke his apology in Spanish. I wonder why?

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