Virginia Tech Shooting, Who’s To Blame?

According to psychologists, each individual is the sole person to blame for his own actions. Any rational explanation of each person’s actions would just worth a naught. The famous ‘The Devil made me do it!” line definitely is one of those reasons that are considered unacceptable from the psychologists’ point of view.

Cho Sheung-ho, the gunman, is the obvious perpetrator to blame alright, no doubt about that. Many witnesses saw him. But there should be other people around him to blame for one way or another.

You. The “you” here could be anybody close to Cho Sheung-ho or you who is reading this. Or could be the one who wrote this blog. Or Could be his classmates, friends (if he had one), neighbors, and the Christians. A simple “hi” or “good day” would have made him sort of connect to the society. You being friendly to him would have made him feel part of the community of people. Human nature is that we only notice the “pleasing to the eye elite.”

Christians, I admonish, the Bible said in Ezekiel that if we fail to warn others of their sins you are accountable for his sins if the sinner dies.

Parents. Absolutely gets the bigger slice of the blame cake. The parents could have prevented the evil ideas that sipped into Cho Sheung-ho’s head while he was growing up.

Evil begets evil or love begets love. If only Cho Sheung-ho’s parents have sown love to him on a constant basis, Cho Sheung-ho could have spread that love to others instead of hate.


  1. The thing is that no one really is directly at fault here. But sadly, these people around him and the society he’s in did contribute to his growing pains. If people are just cautious of what they say and what they do to others then they would’ve seen the signs.

    Man, pareho tayong Cebuano! Pero di ako gaanong marunong magbisaya. Both my parents are from Cebu.

    Exchange links tayo bro. I have a video blog, check-it out. 😀

    Keep blogging!


  2. i don’t ascribe to the idea of an individual being sole responsible to his actions. it’s always a collective world, though nobody can prescribe to another person to smile to another or be cheerful so that nobody would run amok in the neighborhood because he is unhappy or disturbed. in this real world, sh*t happens.

    violence will always be the way of the world. we could not just jump to the conclusion that maybe that guy wasn’t love or his parents had to be blamed. if the guy has bad bones in him or has violent genes, we can’t do anything with that. it’s just nature taking over nurture.

  3. i don’t ascribe to the idea of an individual being sole responsible to his actions.

    No, but the individual has the final choice whether to turn an idea into action.

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