Antonio "Magdalo" Trillanes for Senator

Trillanes – For some reason this video would cause an error on my blog when i embed it on the page. Just click it!

Vote for this no-nonsense guy with a mission to crush the corruption in the Philippines.

I used to not like this man after what he and his men did on Oakwood Hotel in Makati, Philippines four years ago which is now popularly called the Oakwood Mutiny. But when Gloria Arroyo’s doubtful one million votes advantage and the famous Hello Garci had me thinking that they’re somewhat connected with each other, my support for Pres. Arroyo just fizzled out.

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Antonio “Magdalo” Trillanes for Senator!

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  1. what i can say is… gwapo si trillanes. sayang parang malabo siyang manalo. you know how it is in the philippines if you dont have enough money and machinery.

  2. he’s a waste of anybody’s vote. his “strong arm” tactics are all temper tauntrums. any sudden sort of movement or revolt never leaves any lasting change. it boiled my blood to see them march into the peninsula hotel with their guns and goons. why? coz they have power, sprouting from the barrel of their guns. they promised to hold their ground and fight to the last man, and what happened in the end? they chickened out. I laughed out loud. he’s a gringo honasan 2.0, nothing but a puppet.

    wait a minute…. they walked out of their court hearing. thats why they took to the streets! all of them are not deserving of the uniform they wear to intimidate people. to me, he gives the barong tagalog a bad name just for wearing it!

    real reform and change must come from changing the bottom, not the top. corruption from the grassroots like the barangay level and municipal are the real enemy. they will always outlive flash-in-the-pan strongmen wannabees like trillanes.

    he wants to set up a military junta. that will totally be the worst thing to do in this time of economic crisis!

    yeah yeah, our president’s husband is a crook. but damn it, we will be set back to the marcos years with these gun-toting jerks who think so highly of themselves and have the nerve of calling themselves saviors or new heroes. idealism & adventurism in the military, that’s a real social cancer that folks seem to overlook all the damn time.

    hey you abusive power grabbing military types, I hope my words sting you hard coz you know its all true!

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