Three Types of Filipinos

There are three types of Filipinos when it comes to reacting to an insult from a foreigner.

1. The Slave. Filipinos got this attitude during the colonial times of Spain. A slave tend to just absorb verbal insults. They don’t have the will to retaliate or to protest.

2. The Complainers. These are the noisy type of Filipinos. When they feel insulted, they shout back with another invectives to that certain foreigner. You hear or see them in internet forums, out in the streets, or literally filing a formal protest.

3. The Confident. I like these group of Filipinos. They may initially feel insulted when they first hear or read of an offending words. But they just dismiss the insult thereafter. In their mindset is that the insulter could be just envious of the Filipinos skills and achievements.

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  1. I think I am a complainer but still a slave. Maybe because I complain too much that’s why I am punished, become a slave.

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