I Missed a Great Chance to be on Television!

A guest coordinator of a current events talkshow Media in Focus (ABS-CBN News Channel) contacted me through this blog to invite me to guest on the show. The invite email was sent on April 6, 2009 which also happens to be the day of the taping, but i just opened the email on April 9, the day of the showing. I have about four emals that i use regularly, but i just simply overlooked the email for this Gwapito.com site.

The topic to be discussed on the show was about the “Chip Tsao” issue.

It was a great opportunity missed. There are four things i missed:

1. I missed the chance to meet the hottie Cheche Lazaro.

2. I missed the chance to broadcast my opinions on tv. Seriously, i have always wanted to do that.

3. I missed the chance to be discovered by film and television scouts. I’m the long lost replacement of Aga Mulach.

4. I missed the chance to thank the commenters of this site especially manilakim.

Charmaine, i hope you can still contact me on your future shows related to the topics i posted on this personal blog. Thanks!


  1. sayanga oi, naa na unta ko migo makita sa tv….. heheheh. Don’t worry God is always the one who can open doors and windows, patikim palang yan

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