The Benefits of Forgiveness


Forgiveness is removing any emotions of hatred, resentment or grudge towards a person, experience, a thing, and even our own self.

Forgiving anything and anyone that we think have wronged will benefit us. Even a mass murderer should be forgiven. I’m not saying to release him from prison, but to emotionally forgive.

1. Forgiveness gives us freedom. He who does not forgive is actually emotionally imprisoned, and those we think that do not deserve our forgiveness are actually the ones who are free.

2. It will give us total control of our situation. If we don’t have forgiveness, we tend to do things that would make the situation worse. The worse that could happen is vengeance. We do something illegal in the process.

Take a deep breath, and forgive. It will give us total focus and decide things rightly.

3. I Pity those who hurt me. I’ve observed this with myself. When I truly forgive a person who hurt me, I tend to just pity him or her instead of let anger or hatred rule over me.

This way I can have total control of myself.

4. Healthy life. When there is grudge in me, it will increase my blood pressure. When I have a high blood pressure, it could affect my health. This can be harmful for my body.

I’m still not a good example of forgiving others. I still get through to some stages before truly forgiving somebody or something.


  1. I, too, am not a 100% forgiving person. But the ones you stated above are important reasons that should make us choose to forgive others. I totally agree with #1. When we forgive someone who wronged us, it frees us from the heavy burden of hate. Plus, a Great God is able to forgive us our sins. So, it is only right for us, humans, to do the same. 🙂

    Thank you for a very enlightening article. God bless! 🙂

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